Learn How a DIY Solopreneur Transformed His Second Language Study Materials into a Successful Online Business. 

Watch the video below to see how Colten built a successful e-Commerce & e-Learning business – on a shoestring budget –using the Thrive Suite toolkit ... 

“Thrive Suite is an all-in-one business package!”

Meet Colten:

A self-taught Japanese language expert who transformed his own experience of learning Japanese, working for a Japanese company and living in Japan to build a successful e-Commerce & e-Learning business from the ground up.

Watch the video to see Matt interview Colten about how he grew RisuPress.com to a 5-figure business selling a single study poster using all the tools available inside Thrive Suite!

Watch the Video to Hear Colten Discuss...


The Genesis of RisuPress.com and how he started selling his first physical product


Why Colten decided to go ALL IN on Thrive Suite to completely rebuild his website on WordPress with Thrive Theme Builder in 2019


How quick easy Thrive Architect's Smart Landing Page & Block templates make it for Colten to create PRO looking content — even as a non-designer


Colten's Advice for other DIY solopreneurs just starting out... 

Colten's Success Story Highlights

About Colten

When Colten got started studying Japanese in 2005, there weren't many good resources available online to guide him — especially when it came to learning the Japanese pictographic writing system known as Kanji (漢字).

After creating his own Kanji study posters, Colten realized how valuable they were and started selling them online as a physical product in 2014.

“All I did was put information together, package it nicely, build a website, and people bought it! Then I was getting money in my PayPal account… crazy!”

That's how RisuPress.com was born.

But Colten never liked the look and feel of his first website...

... that's why he decided to get Thrive Suite in early 2019 to finally create the e-Commerce and e-Learning site he'd always wanted.

Colten's Thrive Themes Experience

  • Colten starting using the Thrive Architect page builder in 2017, but decided to get Thrive Suite in 2019 to receive early access to Thrive Theme Builder so he could finally rebuild Risu Press on a tight budget.

  • Thrive Theme Builder's site setup wizard and Smart Color branding tool transformed a single hex color code and instantly auto-populated the Risu Press site color scheme you see today.

  • Thrive Architect's Smart Landing Page and Block templates help Colten create new content that always looks like a PRO team of web designers built them.

  • Colten took the lessons he learned from SEO Sprint to create a new Risu Press site structure and content plan that are now reaping some serious organic traffic rewards.


“Being able to build a site that looks like a TEAM of people worked on – when it was really just me in my basement – is a huge benefit and all because of Thrive Themes.”

  • Colten scaled his Kanji poster sales to 5-figures in 2020 and is using that success to grow his business with additional e-Learning and e-Commerce products in 2021.

  • After 7 months of SEO Sprint inspired content creation, Colten is now seeing more-and-more of his target keywords ranking in top 3 and top 10 spots!

  • Colten's big 2021 push is to use Thrive Apprentice as his self-hosted LMS solution to start selling digital products like Japanese language learning courses. 

“With Thrive Themes, you end up with a site that looks polished, but non-users can't tell the site was built with templates. It feels like the person who built the site was very competent.”

Risu Press LAnding Page & Post Examples

Check out the following Risu Press landing page & blog post examples that Colten built exclusively with Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect:

  1. Homepage

  2. Kanji Poster Sales Page

  3. WooCommerce Store Page

  4. Blog Post Example 
    (scroll down to trigger the Slide-in Box form)

  5. Thrive Themes Tutorial Inspired Contact Page

Each example showcases several cool Thrive Suite design features you can incorporate into the posts & pages of your own WordPress website!

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