Ommi is an Inviting, Modern WordPress Theme For Thrive Theme Builder

With Ommi + Thrive Theme Builder, anyone can build beautiful websites on WordPress - with zero coding.

What is


A WordPress theme built to evoke the feeling of Hygge, a Danish term which translates to “a quality of cosiness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.”

And that’s exactly how we’ve designed Ommi, the brand new companion theme for Thrive Theme Builder, included when you purchase Thrive Suite.

Modern and sleek, yet warm and inviting

Ommi is perfect to give your brand a gorgeous, inviting website that draws your visitors in with a whimsical design palette, rounded edges, as well as warm colors and fonts.

Everything You Need To Build Your Brand On WordPress With Zero Coding

No matter your experience level with WordPress and website building, we’ve made it easy to build a beautiful website when you purchase Thrive Suite and select Ommi as your Thrive Theme Builder theme. You’ll find everything you need one click away in the visual editor so you can rapidly assemble the site of your dreams with zero coding.

9 Pre-Designed

Homepage Templates

No matter what kind of website you’re building, you’ll need an elegant homepage to draw your audience in. With Ommi, you get 9 homepage templates – ready to customize for any kind of website or business. Building an eCommerce shop, personal brand, or local business website? You’ll discover best practice homepages for a range of businesses to help you get started fast. Pick a template and customize it in a few clicks to fit your brand.

7 Silo Page Templates

Ever wrestled with customizing your WordPress category pages to get more SEO performance out of them? Thrive Theme Builder + Ommi helps you quickly build beautiful, content-rich Silo pages to feature all your best content in a category. With 7 different Silo page designs to choose from, you can showcase your SEO optimized category pages with style. Load your favorite template in a single click, and update it to match your brand.

133 Theme Blocks To Build Anything

Want a conversion focused hero area, but don’t know how to design it from scratch? Need a pricing table but don’t want to install yet another plugin just for that one element? With Ommi, you don’t have to. We’ve designed 130+ Theme Blocks for every use case you can think of. Blocks are professionally designed content templates that you can drop anywhere on your page with one click. Pricing tables, testimonials, FAQs, lists, lead generation templates… Ommi has it all.

Conversion-Focused Call-To-Action Designs

With Ommi you don’t need to shop around for a new plugin to build your opt-in forms, promotional content boxes, call-to-action buttons, or contact forms - you get dozens of pre-built, conversion-focused designs available in the editor to drop anywhere on your site. Find an opt-in form you like, drop it on the canvas, tweak to fit your offer, connect it to your email system, and start getting leads.  

352 Pre-Designed

Landing Pages

With Thrive Suite and Ommi, you get access to over 352 landing pages to sell your products, build your email list, and grow your business. With pre-designed landing pages for any use case, you’ve got everything you need to put together high converting sales funnels. With the introduction of Ommi, we’ve added even more landing pages templates to help you quickly achieve a modern, refreshed look.

25 Customizable Headers

With dozens of completely customizable headers designed for any use case, Ommi helps you build a clean, professional site that’s easy to navigate. Gone are the days of wrangling with WordPress header code or fighting with 3rd party header plugins. With Ommi, find the header style that you love, customize every detail to fit your brand, or build something truly unique from scratch.

14 Customizable Footers

Footers, like Headers, are often frustrating to get just right on WordPress. You’re usually stuck with a default theme footer and only able to customize it via the WordPress widget area. With Thrive Theme Builder and Ommi, your footer designs are set free with 14 footer templates that can be customized in any way you can imagine.

Templates For All Your Theme Pages

From your single blog post templates, to your archive pages (blog list pages), and from your eCommerce shop pages to your standard page templates, we’ve built customizable designs for every area of your WordPress site. With Ommi, you get modern, fresh page templates for every page on your site.

120 Pre-Designed

Page Section Templates

With Ommi, you not only get 130+ Theme Blocks, but 120 Page Section templates too! With page section templates, you can easily add a predesigned section to a page with one click and rapidly assemble any kind of page you want. And thanks to smart technology, they’ll inherit your brand colors and fonts automatically. With Ommi you get elegantly designed Top Sections, Bottom Sections, Sidebars, and more.

12 WooCommerce Store Templates

Ommi comes equipped with a dozen WooCommerce-ready store templates, including product pages, shop pages, checkout pages and more. We’ve got everything you need to quickly build a conversion-focused ecommerce store built on the bright, professional design language of Ommi.

When You Purchase Thrive Suite Today, You’re Getting Ommi + Thrive Theme Builder

(And All of Our Conversion-Focused WordPress Tools)

Ommi is the beautiful, modern front-end that powers the look and feel of your website. Thrive Theme Builder is the revolutionary back-end technology and theme building powerhouse that gives you total design freedom over your entire WordPress website. Included with Thrive Suite, Ommi + Thrive Theme Builder is easy to install, quick to customize, and will help you get your site up-and-running in minutes.

Native WooCommerce integration gets your WooCom site

up and running fast

Visually customize Everything on your site with

 Drag and drop ease

Mobile responsive

out of the box

Integrates seamlessly with all your favorite marketing tools

Get Up And Running With Ommi in 15 Minutes

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of moving from zero to customized website fast with our walkthrough setup wizard.

With it, you’ll be guided through a setup process to get all the major components of your site built and ready to launch.

In just a few clicks, you’ll add your logo, choose your header and footer designs, customize your site colors and fonts, choose your page templates, optimize your site for speed using one-click cache settings, and build the entire foundation for your site.

Update Ommi Everywhere In Seconds With Smart Colors & Smart Site Technology

Thrive Theme Builder makes it easy to manage and update your Ommi website everywhere from one central location using dynamic global color settings, centralized font management, and effortless control over your logos. Quickly change brand colors and fonts everywhere with one-click. Or customize every pixel to your exact needs.

Update site colors everywhere With one click

Change fonts site-wide with one click

Easily update brand info everywhere

Easy logo & favicon management

How To Get Started With Ommi & Thrive Theme Builder

Unlike traditional WordPress themes which are typically installed as stand-alone products, Ommi requires that you first install and activate Thrive Theme Builder. Don’t worry, they’re both included with Thrive Suite at no additional cost! From there, you’ll select the companion theme of your choice (either Ommi or Shapeshift, with additional companion themes to come in the future!).


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Thrive Suite is Your All-in-One WordPress Toolbox For Creating

Websites That Convert

When you purchase Thrive Suite today, you’re not just getting Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder. You’re getting an entire business-building toolkit for WordPress.

Conversion Focused Templates

Thrive Architect - Get 352 landing page templates to grow your business with conversion-focused sales funnels. Visually edit your pages and blog posts at drag & drop speed

Companion Themes

Thrive Theme Builder + Ommi & Shapeshift - Get the only WordPress site builder you’ll ever need, with two ready-to-go companion themes


Thrive Leads - Convert more visitors into leads and customers with the most advanced lead generation plugin for WordPress

Online Courses

Thrive Apprentice - Create and sell stunning online courses


Thrive Quiz Builder - Engage, segment, and convert more visitors with quizzes

Marketing Tools

Plus... Get all of our Conversion-Focused Site Building Tools!

Eliminate Plugin Bloat, Improve Your Site

Free and premium third party plugins can cost you a bundle, fill your theme with bloated code, slow down your site, and mean constant maintenance and site-security vigilance. Do you really know who’s behind that plugin and if they’re actually keeping it up-to-date? Thrive Theme Builder + Ommi makes many common WordPress plugins obsolete with its native code.

With Thrive Theme Builder You Will No Longer Need:

CSS Styling Plugins

Custom Sidebar Plugins

Contact Form Plugins

Related Post Plugins

Category Redirect Plugins

Page & Post Cloning Plugins

Author Box Plugins

Custom 404 Page Plugins

Get Instant Access To Thrive University, The Thrive Knowledge Base, And Our Team of WordPress Customer Support Experts

When you join the Thrive Themes family, you’re getting so much more than themes and plugins.

We’re passionate about helping you grow your online business faster and easier than ever before. We provide our customers with some of the best marketing training in the industry via Thrive University and our support team is ready to help you whenever needed.

Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Suite Are Backed By a World Class WordPress Development Team.

7+ Years Experience Shipping The Best WordPress Software On The Market

When you buy Thrive Suite, you’re not just getting Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder plus all of our conversion-focused plugins, you’re also getting peace of mind that your website is being supported by a world class development team.

Our developers have been on the forefront of visual editing technology since the beginning. We're obsessive about improving our products, which means Thrive Theme Builder will only get better and better.


Dude. YAS! Can't wait to check it out!
Pssstt! You guys are doing amazing work! I moved all my clients to Thrive, including big companies.♥ ♥ ♥
Can't wait to see what's coming next.

Justin R.

To put it in a word...Brilliant! But the first word that came to mind is BadAss... I'm not a fan of plugin bloat insanity. My take on Thrive Theme Builder > You good people just hit a bases-loaded walk-off Homerun...For me and every other Thrive Theme tribe member. 

aamirah b

this is really good insight, as i’ve used a few plugins as mentioned. so tired of buying themes then adding plugins, loving the new theme builder!! my daughter laughs at me every time i say thrive themes is all i use for wordpress. awesome job.


I just want to say WOW – the new Thrive Theme Builder is amazing!!! I am so impressed. It’s literally solving all the problems I had before.

Volker H

As a former AVADA user I recommend to get rid of this….theme. It takes a bit of effort but you save more than this amount of effort in the future and you get an excellent support.
Most of the migration effort will be the deletion of the avada syntax.
Due to the ability to use templates and symbols in Thrive Architect you can migrate very efficiently.

David C.

OK, that’s just amazing! I love how Thrive continues to not only improve the best theme builder around, but also makes the components within that theme builder the very best available, anywhere. Great job!

Get Instant Access to Ommi as Part of Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite Gives You Access to Every Thrive Tool:

Thrive Automator 

Easily Connect Your Favorite Apps, Plugins and Services

Thrive Architect

Drag & drop landing page and content builder.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Collect leads with quizzes

Thrive Leads

Build your mailing list faster

Thrive Optimize

A/B test landing pages for better conversions

Thrive Comments

Increase website engagement with gamified comments

Thrive Apprentice

Build professional online courses

Thrive Ultimatum

Create evergreen countdown campaigns

Thrive Ovation

Collect and display testimonials on autopilot



 Thrive Theme Builder + All Theme Builder Themes

Fully editable WordPress themes

I would heartily recommend Thrive Suite because there is so much value. In addition, I am not a coder or even a website builder but Thrive plugins make it so much easier. I can create everything myself which of course, is much less expensive. Besides, it is fun!

Sherwood Tucker  I  THRIVE CUSTOMER




Save $300!*

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Install on up to 5 Websites
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates




  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Install on up to 5 Websites
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates

*All pricing is in USD. All renewals are at full price. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like Thrive Suite, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your first purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Shapeshift, Ommi, and Thrive Theme Builder?

Shapeshift and Ommi are companion themes that can be installed on your Thrive Theme Builder website to control the look and feel of the website. Thrive Theme Builder is the technology that powers your site. From visual editing, to design elements, Thrive Theme Builder puts you in control over your entire WordPress website. 

Do I need Thrive Suite and Thrive Theme Builder to use Ommi?

Yes. In order to access Ommi you need to purchase and maintain an active subscription for Thrive Suite which gives you access to all of our conversion-focused tools.

Can I create a WooCommerce shop with Ommi?

Yes! With native WooCommerce integration, you can connect to WooCommerce painlessly. Plus, we include hundreds of content and page templates specifically designed for your eCommerce shop.

Is it possible to make my site look like the Ommi demo site?

Yes! It’s easy to replicate the look and feel of the demo site if that’s what you want, or, we’ve made it easy to customize your site and build something 100% unique for your brand.

Does Ommi work with Thrive Architect and your other plugins?

Absolutely! Ommi and Thrive Theme Builder work seamlessly with all our other Thrive Suite plugins.

What other plugins do I need to install to get Ommi to work?

To get Ommi set up on your site you’ll need to install the Thrive Product Manager, then install Thrive Theme Builder before activating Ommi.

How Much Is Total WordPress Site-building & Design Freedom Worth To You?

When you purchase Thrive Suite today and get access to Thrive Theme Builder, you’re not only getting the best visual “no code” front-end WordPress site builder on the market so you can build your perfect website... You’re also getting instant access to all of our conversion-focused site building tools.

You’re Getting All This Today:

  • Everything in Thrive Suite
  • Ommi + Shapeshift
  • 9 Conversion focused Homepage Templates
  • 7 SEO Optimized Silo Page Templates
  • 133 Pre-designed Theme Blocks
  • Access to Thrive Suite Customer Only Courses
  • Unlimited Support
  • Unlimited Updates   
  • Millions of potential design combinations

Get Ommi & Thrive Suite Today!