Completion Pages

Celebrate your student's Achievements with Conversion Boosting Course Completion Pages

Surprise your students with a stunning, personalized course completion page when they finish your course.

  • Congratulate students with a personal thank you note
  • Mark their achievement with a beautifully designed, fully customizable and personalized completion certificate
  • Provide a summary of the lessons completed in the course
  • Offer students a special, limited time offer for your next course
  • Prompt students to leave a testimonial the moment they finish your course

Don’t Let Your Course Completion Page Be “Just Another Page

Clicking the "Lesson Complete" button on your final lesson is a special accomplishment for any student.

So how do you help celebrate their achievement while prompting to take the next step after completing one of your courses?

By fully customizing a Course Completion Page, that's how.

Thrive Apprentice's Course Completion Page feature is fully customizable (per course), so you can use it to both appreciate your students, prompt them to leave a testimonial, and encourage them to purchase your next course while they're riding that end-ofcourse high.

Not only can your Course Completion Page help you leave students feeling great, but it's instrumental in getting them to begin your next course and share their positive experience on social media.

Here are a few ways to turn your Thrive Apprentice Course Completion Page into both an awesome experience for your students and a revenue booster for your business:

Personal Thank You Notes

Add a written, audio, or video message that thanks your students for taking your course and congratulates them for completing all the lessons.

Learning Summary + Next Steps

Don’t let your students finish a course and close their laptops.

Provide a recap of each lesson covered, as well as instructions on what to do next.

These instructions can encourage students to share their achievement on social media, check out related courses, or download their certificate of completion.

Award Certificates

Reward your students in style.

Provide a link on the course completion page that takes a student to a stunning certificate that has their name on it, and is easy to share, download and showcase.

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Use Your Course Completion Page to Drive Sales & Collect Glowing Reviews

Launch a Time-Scarcity Campaign

Add a Thrive Ultimatum countdown timer to your Course Completion Page to get students to buy another premium course before the countdown timer hits zero.

Collect Testimonials

Collect testimonials while your course is still at the front of your students’ minds.

Embed a testimonial capture form on your page with Thrive Ovation to gather glowing testimonials on autopilot so you can easily add them to your course sales page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add video to my Course Completion Pages?

Yes! You can add text, video and images to this end-of-course page.

I'm not a designer. Is a Course Completion Page going to be difficult for me to create?

Not at all! There are several Completion Page templates to choose from inside Thrive Apprentice and can be quickly and easily customized to fit your exact needs.

What's the biggest benefit to having a Course Completion Page?

With this one page you can:

  • Appreciate your students for taking your course

  • Reward them with a stunning, shareable and verifiable course completion certificate

  • Promote your other courses or products. You can even use a Thrive Ultimatum countdown timer to start a time-scarcity offer to get your students to buy another product immediately

  • Collect testimonials while your course is fresh in your students’ minds and their satisfaction with completing your course is at its peak.

Can I promote other courses on my course completion page?