Thrive Automator is Now Available in the WordPress Plugin Directory!

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Updated on October 21, 2022

Now, it’s 10x easier to join over 20,000 people and start building smart automations for your website today... for FREE.

This is our first plugin on the WordPress plugin directory, and we're really proud and excited!

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has helped shape Thrive Automator from an idea to a powerful tool that anyone can use to automate their WordPress website and online business.

In this video, you’ll see why you should install and start using Thrive Automator today.


A Fast, Easy, and Free Way to Integrate with You Favorite Online Tools

WordPress makes it easy for you to expand your website’s functionality using apps and other online tools you need... email marketing, checkout tools, CRM apps etc.

But getting each tool to communicate with your website — and each other! — smoothly and efficiently can be a real headache.

Sure, you could hire a developer to create custom integrations or use a 3rd party automation tool like Zapier to get the job done, but both of these can quickly become really expensive, unscalable and inflexible.

But with Thrive Automator, you can integrate your WordPress website with other online tools for free — and in minutes.

Thrive Automator for WordPress Users

In today’s video, you’ll discover how to quickly set up helpful integrations that can make running your online business so much easier...
  • Tagging a user in your email marketing service when they leave a comment on one of your posts.
  • Adding someone to a “high spender” email list, when they spend over $100 on a single WooCommerce order.
  • Giving a user access to a free course if they get a score 90% or higher on your online quiz.

Watch the video to learn how to easily set up these automations!

It’s also important to note that Thrive Automator works great even with software outside of WordPress, too. You can use incoming webhooks to receive data from other tools or websites to trigger an action on your own website.

This makes Thrive Automator an awesome resource for developers…

Thrive Automator for Developers

Are you a software developer?

Thrive Automator is designed to be developer-friendly and help cultivate a growing ecosystem of 3rd party integrations.

If you create WordPress plugins or other online tools and apps, we'd love for you to get involved by joining our developer community, reading our developer documentation, and integrating with our API.

It’s very simple and by doing so your software becomes more powerful, our tools grow their ecosystem, and Thrive Automator users are able to achieve even more success for their online business.

Think about it… as a developer, why would you waste time coding API integrations for so many different plugins, apps and services when you can just replace them all with a single integration?

It really is a win-win-win for everyone!

Give Thrive Automator a Try Today

Thrive Automator is available to install right now on the official WordPress plugin directory.

If you haven’t downloaded and installed it yet, go to the plugin directory and get Thrive Automator for free.

There’s no freemium model. You won’t have to pay for it later. This tool is free for everyone — whether you’re a Thrive Suite user or not.

After you’ve given Thrive Automator a try, please leave a review on Your feedback is important to us.

by Tony Lewis  September 22, 2022


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  • Congrats on the plugin! Brilliant!

    I do have a LOT of questions about things I can/can’t do with automater right now, that I can’t seem to find (example. can it respond to an Architect button click and run a JavaScript or even a php script?)

    Just want to know where/how to ask? 🙂

    Joe C.

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