How to Switch Your Site to Thrive Theme Builder



How to Switch Your Site to Thrive Theme Builder



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In this course, you’ll see exactly how to switch your existing website to Thrive Theme Builder.
This tutorial is focused on switching from one of our legacy themes (Focusblog, Rise, Performag, Squared, Pressive, Storied, Minus, Voice, Ignition or Luxe) to Thrive Theme Builder, but it’s valid for any other theme too.

In this lesson, we'll cover why you would want to switch the Thrive Theme Builder and what will change when you do. Understanding these principles will be crucial for following the rest of the course.

In this lesson we'll cover what to do BEFORE switching over to Thrive Theme Builder.

Let's set up your new site! In this lesson you'll learn everything you need to know to quickly get up to speed with Thrive Theme Builder.

In this lesson we'll give you a checklist of things to verify when you merged your staging site with your live site.


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  • Thanks, Hanne, I am so excited to start and rebuilt ower website. We are also very happy to be members of Thrive Themes, what a great team!

  • Hi Hanne,

    I’m going to build a new site from scratch with TTB.
    Is there going to be a more in-depth course than Shane’s initial video or to we just try and see for now?

    Creat product, excited moving forward, thanks to all the team for the hard work to get us here!

    • Hi David,
      I think Shane’s course is already a very good start.
      We’re planning on doing more content specific courses eg. about homepage, about pages, contact pages… but as an overview video you should be good with that course 😀

  • Hello Hanne! Thanks for this very practical piece of training. Before I start, would you recommend creating a “child theme” first, as one might do for other themes? Thanks and congrats on this new fantastic – and long awaited – theme builder! 🙂

  • Before I launch on the lessons, can you please tell me if the lessons included download/install guidance for the Builder? So far I’ve not found any evidence on how to do that. –Roy (full member)

    • Hi Roy,

      Yes you see me install the whole thing at the start of lesson 3 🙂 But to help you out, you need to have the latest version of Thrive Product Manager and then you can install the Shapeshift theme, this will install both the theme and Thrive Theme Builder. Just remember, the moment you do that, you also activate the theme so you don’t want to hit that button without thinking twice 😀

      • still wondering how /where to download/install the Shapshift theme. Is that guidance in another lesson?

      • At the start of lesson 3…

        Short answer:
        1. Install Thrive Product Manager plugin
        2. Activate Shapeshift (this will install AND activate Thrive Theme Builder and the Shapeshift theme)

  • Regarding the Child theme Question someone else asked, are you saying that if we switch to Theme Builder we no longer need to have a Child Theme, as all future product updates will not create problems?

    • No because you edit the Shapeshift theme, not Thrive Theme Builder. The theme builder is what will get updates. But the edits you make on Shapeshift will not be overwritten by this.

      • Haha… The terminology is getting a bit confusing… So, just to clarify, you are agreeing with my statement, saying ‘No’, there is no need for a Child Theme or a Child Theme plugin once we switch to Theme builder, correct?

  • Hello Friends. Any chance to know when the TT Builder would be soll as an individual tool? Thanks

  • How do I connect to the theme builder? I’m using Rise as my current theme. Do I need to delete it and start over with theme builder? Thanks

  • Hi Hanne, I am having trouble finding the image compression feature in Thrive Theme Builder. Does it still exist and if so where can I find it? Many thanks and leep up the great work!

    • Hi Nick,

      No that’s not an option anymore (we kept running into problems with the old system). But as we speak the team is working on an integration with another image optimization tool (that we believe will give even better results).
      It will be available in 3 to max 6 weeks. And will work on the images you already upload so feel free to start building your site 🙂

  • Hanne,
    I understand the old way of making category pages is no longer active. What is the new way with Theme Builder? Is there a video on it?

    • Sooooo we’re actually bringing back the old redirect for category pages 🙂 So if you can wait a little (approx 3 weeks) you could keep the old method.

      If you feel like you’re up for a different page, go ahead and under templates, you can create a new list template, there you’ll be able to select “archives” and “categories” ==>

  • Hanne, you state that a child theme is not required. However, if you need to code something that the theme builder will not do natively, wouldn’t a child theme be necessary?

    • Hi James,

      Upon launch, we didn’t include the option to have a child theme (because this is mostly used for visual purposes which you really don’t need with Thrive Theme Builder) but in the meantime we’ve had requests from users who use Child themes to add additional PHP functions to the themes. So we’re currently implementing a solution to have a child theme setup with Thrive Theme Builder (although most users won’t need it).

  • Hi Hanne, in the training it is indicated that you should be careful for using TTB for a Woocommerce site, is this still the case? Or is the TTB now ready to use for Woocommerce as well?

  • Thanks Hanne,

    Such a good work. Congratulations my friend. I make a lot of videos for Youtube and have to tell you “I’m your biggest fun”. Love the way you communicate and structure the info. Good, good, job¡

    I’m working on 3 sites with Thrive-Builder:
    My first proyect trying to integrate Theme-Builder, to the previous Architect for landing pages results on some doubts:

    1-) On the Site Wizard when you have to choose your menu: can´t you choose one of the previous menus that you set on architect for previous landing pages for the same site?

    2-) Once you set your typography preferences for the global theme: can´t you aply them to the previous pages that you set with architect?

    3-) For paragraphs setting your typography: can you set them with a fixed height line? It’s very uncomfortable for long posts, every time you set a paragrap you have to manually accomodate for jumplines.

    And last one: I’m very interested on setting online courses, landing pages and price tables, but I don´t find a precise module for the last CTA: your payment and order. Is that possible with Thrive Theme/Architect? Would that be woocommerce?

    Big hug from Spain¡
    Rodolfo M.

    • Hi Rodolfo,

      Thanks for the compliments 🙂

      1. No, you can’t select a menu previously build in Thrive Architect through the wizard. If you save it as a template however, you can then add it to the header by going into any template and click on “edit” the header.
      2. You can if you set the typography on those landing pages to “inherit” that way they will automatically take your theme fonts.
      3. I think you’re referring to line spacing (because the line height is always fixed the line spacing will decide how much spacing there is in between paragraphs.) And yes you can edit that, go into the typography tab, select text/paragraph (use the breadcrumbs to be sure) and then adapt the line spacing. set this to 0 and you will never have a gap in between paragraphs.
      4. Theme Builder and Architect do not handle payment. You can easily create a sales page with a pricing table and then link the pricing buttons to your payment solution. Usually you will be able to have a link to the checkout of your payment solution. That’s the link to add in the pricing table.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  • Thanks Hanne,

    First I want you to know, that I’m a longtime great fan of ALL of your instructional videos 🙂

    I’m from Denmark … and my website is 100% in danish.

    I am – slowly (in a kind of procastinator-mode) – preparing to make the actual shift to Shapeshift and Thrive Theme Builder from my current theme: ‘Enfold’ (which have served me good) 🙂

    And I have two questions.

    I’m already using ‘Thrive Architect’ for my frontpage and ‘Thrive Leads’ on all pages … and I love both of them.

    My website-host doesn’t provide a staging environment, so I have decided to use the ‘WP Stagecoach’ solution in the process of switching themes.

    Question #1:
    Are you aware of any ‘issues’ that would/could complicate the transition from Enfold to Thrive Theme Builder and Shapeshift?

    Question #2:
    Will Shapeshift ‘know’ via WordPress that my website is in danish … and adjust accordingly? Or do I have to set the language to danish somewhere in Shapeshift?

    All the best

    • Hi Søren,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      1) I don’t know of any issues, but the same things as I talk about in the course with the legacy Thrive Themes will be true (eg. shortcodes will not render, you’ll need to recreate the sidebar with your widgets,…)
      2) Because the whole Shapeshift theme works with the click and edit principle, any text you see on the screen can easily be translated. You can learn more about the details here:

      • Hi Hanne,
        Thank you so very much … that was a very helpful answer :-).
        I’ve just been reading the linked-to article and watching the video.
        … and of course you people already have both an article and a video ready for my questions 😉

  • Hello! Thanks for the info. If I have some pages built on Divi and want to switch them to Thrive, do I have to build them from scratch or is there any way I can transfer them without having to do so? Thanks!

  • Hi Hanne,
    Important questions:

    1.) How we can set up a Thrive Build Theme integrated Cookie notice pop-up?
    I use a separate one now but would be good to have an integrated, nice, matching to the site one.

    2.) I did not find any European GDPR compliant contact forms in the templates. According to the law, we must show the 2 checkpoints (2 ticks/marks are enough) where the user can accept the Data Privacy Policy AND confirm definitely the Newsletter acceptance.

    Thank you
    Anikó (from Hungary)

    • Hi Aniko,
      1. For the cookie notice, it’s easiest to just keep using an external plugin for this. We have no plan on building that into TTB.

      2. We have the functionality to add one checkbox to the form. This checkbox will determine whether people will be added to the newsletter list. At the moment we do not have the option to have 2 checkboxes. I’m not sure how it legally works in your country but often having the mention “by submitting this form you agree with our date and privacy policy (with a link to the policy)” covers the needs.

  • Hi Hanne, I’m a bit confused. I use Focus as a theme and I’m a member. Is Thrive theme builder included in the membership? Is it a good thing for me to install Thrive Theme Builder – can I customize my focus theme templete via Thrive Theme Builder and what is Shape Shift?

    • Hi Eva,

      Did you follow the course? All your questions should get answered in there 🙂

      But in short: Yes you have access to Thrive Theme Builder (the theme) and Shapeshift (the pre-designed layouts) and no you can not customize the Focus theme with Thrive Theme Builder.

      • Hi, Hanne quick question, please? Is it still okay to keep using the focus theme if we don’t want to use thrive builder. I’m an old member and I like using it for my blogs. Now that we have content block, it makes things a lot better for building pages. Thanks, so much. Dennis.

      • We will stop supporting the theme so while it’s still fine right now, it might cause problems in the future. I would not recommend using the legacy themes for new projects.

  • if we already have an annual membership it is asking me to pay for shape shifter… is that correct?

    • No If you are on an annual subscription you will have access to Thrive Theme Builder and Shapeshift without extra cost. Please contact support if you believe you don’t have access.

    • Hi David,

      Yes you probably will… Unless you’re ok with having your website look a bit messed up for the time you’re working on updating it all.

  • Lots of value here Hanne. Your delivery is superb. I watch on 1.75 speed.. only because I’m already well versed with WordPress and theme editing. But Thrive is a whole new world of options and possibilities.

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