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SEO Sprint for the Busy Solopreneur



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Welcome to SEO Sprint, the ultimate online course for learning and implementing an 80/20 SEO strategy for entrepreneurs who just don’t have time to do SEO.

Watch the video above to see an overview of the course and how this sprint is designed to help you start boosting organic traffic to your online business website.

SEO has three main building blocks.

1. Technical SEO/Site Structure
2. Content Creation
3. Link Building

We will cover all of them in this course.

Our goal is to walk you through the research, analysis and strategy phase in the next 10 days. This will allow us to leverage free trials and focus your efforts.

In fact, here’s an overview of what you’ll learn and accomplish over the course of your SEO Sprint:

You will then walk away with a content plan, a content writing formula and the best link techniques for your business. Armed with that, you can confidently work on sufficient, consistent and strategic SEO efforts – knowing they have the best chance of moving the needle.

An Important Note About the Updated 2020 Spreadsheet Templates:

The new and improved downloadable spreadsheet templates for the 2020 update of SEO Sprint have blue headers. You’ll notice that the lesson videos that use these templates match the blue spreadsheets.

Please make sure to work from the new 2020 template versions only.

An Important Note About the Ahrefs 7-Day Trial Period You’ll Need for SEO Sprint:

Because this course relies on using the Ahrefs SEO analysis tool to complete the sprint…

…and because the Ahrefs trial period is so short (7 days), there are many tasks you should complete before starting the trial period and many tasks you should save until after it’s over.

In order to help you better understand which lessons require you to have Ahrefs access, please reference the list below to get the most out of your trial period. Only sign up when you’re actually ready and have the time to work on the following lessons:

You can do a lot of SEO learning and Site Structuring (the “Ready” and “Steady” sections) before starting your Ahrefs trial to reduce the time pressure significantly.

Also, you can choose the Standard version of Ahrefs (instead of Lite) to have more functionality during your 7-day trial period.

Make sure to set a reminder to cancel the trial in time because Ahrefs is expensive!

Module 1: Decoding Google

In this module, we will cover ranking factors, SEO red flags and the 80/20 SEO tool belt as well as an initial assessment of your website. Let's jump in!

Module 4: Content Audit

We will use the magical SEO spreadsheet to review your existing content and find SEO potential.

Module 5: Keyword Mapping

Learn how to use Keyword Mapping to help better structure the content that populates your website.

Bonus Module

Have some additional questions about SEO Sprint that you need answered?Check out this bonus discussion between Shane and Viola where they answer some of the most common questions about SEO focused specifically for small business solopreneurs.


Viola Eva is specialized in SEO strategy, competitive optimization and data-driven content creation. She has hosted countless workshops on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and agility in digital marketing in the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

She is founder and SEO consultant for Flow SEO, a boutique SEO agency delivering custom strategies, sustainable SEO and measurable results for international brands.

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