Wondering why Thrive Leads will be the most important plugin you've ever used? Here's why:

A Mailing List = Traffic at Your Fingertips

One of the most repeated statements in marketing is that a mailing list is the most important asset an online business can build. And the reason is simple: nothing else gives you the kind of on-demand traffic that a mailing list does.

Whatever your worries are - rising cost of PPC traffic, Google giving you a hard time, difficulty finding new traffic sources, not making enough sales - with a growing mailing list, the problems all dwindle away. The question is not "should you build a mailing list?" the question is: "are you building your mailing list as effectively as possible?"

If not, you're leaving money on the table. And that's why we created Thrive Leads to be the hands-down most effective, most conversion focused lead opt-in plugin for WordPress.

Are You Wasting Your Time on Passing Fads and "Shortcuts" that Are Actually Just Dead Ends?

 Or Are You Building a Mailing List?

It’s strange to think how many people get into Internet marketing because they chase a dream of making a quick buck. They’re looking for that magical “push button money” software or tactic. Something that can make them money almost instantly and very easily. And of course, they never find it, because it doesn't exist.

So many people spend months and even years looking for shortcuts, easy methods and free traffic. And they pass up list-building and email marketing because it's “too difficult” or “too expensive”. And what happens? They either give up or they invest lots of time and money into something else. Don't be one of them.

Yes, building a list takes time. You won't go from zero to massive, profitable mailing list over night. But it’s time well invested, because a mailing list gives you a growing asset and it pays off every step of the way. First in a small way. Then in a big way. And later on, if you've invested your time into email marketing instead of a bunch of passing fads, in a really massive way.

The push-button money magic doesn't exist, but it's those who build mailing lists that get closest to this dream. It's great to know that you can send an email and it will generate sales for sure. You know you can get those clicks, you know you can get traffic to anything you want. Believe me: this is worth investing in.

Thrive Leads doesn't just give you all the advantages you need to start building a mailing list - the most valuable asset your online business can have - it also makes it as rapid and convenient as possible for you:

Get Results in Minutes

Thrive Leads is built to be easy to use and is made for Rapid Implementation. Build & deploy forms in minutes and start growing your list!

No Tech Skills Required

Thrive Leads lets you use next-generation opt-in technology without needing any tech skills and at an affordable price!

Stunning Design & Options

Create beautiful opt-in forms in our visual editor. Don't like annoying pop-ups? No problem, you have many less intrusive options to choose from!

Fortune Favors the List-Builders...

Get your copy of Thrive Leads today and I guarantee you will love the level of quality and attention to detail we put into everything we create - from the plugin itself to the tutorials and support we provide.

If you've ever envied marketers who can just send an email and almost instantly get traffic and sales, now is the time to get started with list building! Even a small mailing list can be very profitable and there's no better way to get started with list building than with Thrive Leads and a WordPress website.

Don't be one of the (many, many) marketers who end up saying "I wish I had started building a list sooner!" Learn from their mistakes and start right now.

Get Thrive Leads Now & Start Growing Your List!

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