Lightbox: The Pop-Up With Endless Potential

The Classic Pop-up Opt-in With an Added Dose of Ultimate Versatility

Taking Something Traditional and Kicking it Into The Web 2.0-Age

At its simplest, the Thrive Lightbox is an opt-in form that pops up in your visitor's window when triggered. As with all Thrive Themes products, it's designed for conversion and comes with a ton of professionally designed templates ready for use!

Just a few clicks in Thrive Leads, and you're growing your mailing list with a gorgeous Lightbox!

Using our drag&drop builder, you can customize the Lightbox to pop-up to any extent, ranging from a simple video pop-up to a complete pop-up squeeze page!

It truly is a powerhouse.

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A Simple Concept With Endless Opportunities

The professionally pre-designed templates make it easy to build cool looking opt-in forms with just a few clicks. The potential of the Lightbox doesn't stop there, though.

Using our drag&drop builder, you can turn your simple opt-in form into anything you want. Here are a few examples:

Video Pop-up

A video or a soundbyte coupled with a personal photo can be massively more effective than just a simple line of text. It gives the visitor a chance to see you, which makes the whole opt-in process more friendly and personal.

Product Offer

The lightbox is a perfect place to highlight a product promotion or other special offer you want your visitors to see.

A Complete Sales Page Pop-up

Don't distract your visitors from your content by sending them away to another page. Just use a Lightbox! With the drag&drop editor, you can customize the Lightbox to contain anything. Even a complete sales page.

The Lightbox works brilliantly out of the box, but its customization capability and versatility are endless.

Show Your Lightbox at the Right Time and Place

What if you had a specific point you wanted your visitor to reach before presenting them with a Lightbox pop-up? With the Thrive Lightbox, it's easy.

What if you want to give your visitor a chance to check out the page before annoying them with a pop-up? Just set a timer for the Lightbox pop-up.

The Thrive Lightbox also features the Smartexit and Smartexit+ for a smarter exit intent trigger. Read more about these features here

Better yet, would you want your Lightbox to show only on exit intent, when it would work better somewhere else?

Using the variety of triggers in conjunction with the multiple targeting possibilities of Thrive Leads, you can show the correct opt-in form for every visitor at precisely the right moment.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Debra G.

Perfect! Just what I was looking for. And you included many more options for this feature than I had even dreamed of! Thanks a bunch for all of your hard work.

Debra G.

Robert B.

Awesome! I can’t tell you the last time I was this happy with a company and their products or services. You guys are constantly delivering. Always looking forward to what you have next up your sleeves.

Robert B.

Even More Functionality With The Multi-Step Lightbox

A multi-step opt-in makes targeted and segmented list building easy as pie.

You want your mailing list to be separated into beginners and advanced users? Or males and females? Or red-shirts and blue-shirts? You got it. Just add a multi-step lightbox.

It's easy as well - simply select your templates in the Thrive Leads drag&drop builder and you're good to go. 

Check out more about this feature here:

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