Show WordPress Personalized Content to Your Website Visitors — Get Mind Blowing Conversion Results!

With Conditional Display

Conditional display

Conditional Display is a game-changing feature that promises to transform your visitors' experience and improve conversion rates.

Serve the same page to different website visitors, but only show WordPress personalized content based on the display rules you set for them. Change, hide or even completely alter elements across your entire website with granular control.

Create personalized content for a unique online experience for your new visitors, subscribers, customers, members and students to better serve their specific needs and boost your conversion rates through the roof!


Creating Unique Website Personalizations For Every Visitor is Hard

You know exactly how you’d like your website to function, but turning that vision into reality can be daunting. Technically complex tools like personalization plugins make it tough to understand what your WordPress site will or won’t display to different visitors. You feel stuck and…

You risk displaying the wrong content when it matters most!

Thankfully, there’s a solution for that

Take Control of What WordPress Content Individual Users See at the Perfect Moment

Conditional Display is not just limited to what online courses or blog posts you choose to display 

— Conditional Display can be applied to make content personalizations across your entire WordPress site.

Turn your website into a no-nonsense online conversion machine! Conditional Display is a must-have for any online course or membership business.

Serve one page with completely different content

No one has the time to make dozens of different WordPress pages to offer a personalized website user experience.

Conditional Display’s intuitive technology lets you create dynamic content to show each member, student, and customer only the content that’s relevant to them — on the same page!

Set up your flexible content personalization rules to determine who sees specific courses, calls-to-action, digital resources and more in one go!

Dynamically change content to convert visitors into customers

Take a simple content box, a background section, or a ‘block’ of content on one of your pages, and use it to create different versions of that content.

Next, assign your Conditional Display rules to govern exactly what each visitor to that page will see. Set what each customer sees based on their course access or logged-in status and WordPress user role.

Conditional Display lets you create website personalizations for individual visitors with granular control!

Perfect for membership sites with growing audiences

With Thrive Apprentice Products and Conditional Display, you can create ‘Members Only’ areas that hide content from non-members. But why stop there?

Show them a persuasive call-to-action, redirect them to a dedicated sales page or even tease them with members-only content.

Conditional Display is the powerful upsell and cross-sell tool you need to scale your online business with content personalizations!

Get Conditional Display for the Lowest Price Possible

Set Your Preferred Display Conditions and Show-off Your WordPress Content With Granular Control

Conditional Display makes it easy to set conditions for what your WordPress site shows to visitors. Use an intuitive interface to create, find and customize your dynamic content display conditions without a fuss.

It’s so easy to use, it’ll feel like you’re riding a bicycle when you’re flying a conversion optimized fighter jet!

Create personalized content based on WordPress log in status

Once a user is logged into your site, you can set what content displays based on their unique user role, last logged in date and registration date.

You can even show different personalized content if the visitor has access to specific Thrive Apprentice Products!

Set display conditions based on which page or post is viewed

Edit the content of your blog post sidebar, top section, footer or header to show different versions depending on which blog post category a visitor views.

Conditional Display super-charges your blog post templates!

Show different dynamic content to your online visitors at different times and dates

Want to change what your WordPress site displays during business hours versus the weekends? Sure thing. Set up a website personalization that shows a ‘Call Us Now’ button  between 9am and 5pm and then says ‘Call Us Tomorrow!’ outside those times.

Apply the same condition to pricing tables to automate timed price increases, launch campaigns and earlybird promotions!

Add conditions to your Thrive Apprentice course content to boost user engagement

Conditional Display can be combined with the power of Thrive Apprentice’s dynamic template editing to take online course creation to the next level.

Change what course content students see based on specific lessons, modules, course topics, difficulty level or even completion rates!

No one can access personalized content on WordPress unless you want them to!

There’s no way to hack past your Conditional Display settings. Visitors cannot pry open the page source code to access WordPress content they’re not supposed to.

Conditional Display is super secure, protecting what’s most valuable, your IP and content!

Conditional Display was built with loading speed and Google in mind

Lazy loading toggles are enabled by default which means your non-conditional content loads super fast. It’s also entirely cache friendly.

Take full control over your lazy load placeholders to ensure content doesn’t bounce around while the page loads — Google and users both hate this!

Preview different conditions to see what WordPress personalized content is displayed to visitors

As an admin user, you can check your personalized content on WordPress as they’ll display based on the different conditions you’ve set. Just preview the page and then use a button in your WordPress navigation bar to switch between page versions.

It’s that simple to see how each personalized content variation will look to users that match the different types of conditions you’ve set!

Conditional Display is Available Anywhere Our Visual Editor is Used!

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Thrive Apprentice

Build professional online courses

Thrive Architect

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Thrive Leads

Build your mailing list faster

Thrive Quiz Builder

Collect leads with quizzes

Thrive Theme Builder

Visually create your WordPress website

Thrive Ultimatum

Create evergreen countdown campaigns

Show Engaging Content to the Right User at the Right Moment

- Let’s Look at Conditional Display in Action -

Create a pricing table that shows one price for non-customers and another price for existing customers.

Show or hide blocks of personalized content on WordPress for logged-in users who have different roles — like editors, authors, or subscribers.

Each visitor will only see one view based on the conditions you’ve set for them. They won’t ever know the personalized content WordPress they’re viewing is different from what other visitors see.

Create assets like a members-only downloads page, a premium resources page, or even your own eBook library.

Create “sneak peeks” where some content is visible publicly, while the remaining content is protected behind a paywall.

Get Instant Access to Conditional Display as Part of Thrive Suite

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a visitor matches multiple display rules?

Displays – or different versions of your WordPress personalized content – placed at the top of your display order list take priority.

If a visitor doesn’t match with any custom conditions, they will see the Default Display.

Is Conditional Display available in Thrive Architect?


Because Conditional Display is added in our Thrive visual editor, this means you can use it across all of our tools that use it to add personalizations to plugins, including Thrive Architect, Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Leads, Thrive Quiz Builder, and Thrive Ultimatum.

Is Conditional Display available in Thrive Theme Builder?


We can see you’re already thinking about all the amazing use cases for Conditional Display!

Don’t worry, we’ll be talking A LOT more about this feature and examples on how to use content personalizations inside Thrive Theme Builder (and all of our products) soon.

Can I use Conditional Display to hide elements like video content, text, a download button etc?

Another yes!

For 99.9% of your use cases the answer will be yes!

Conditional Display is available for background sections, content boxes and more, which means that you can add ANY content personalization inside these elements and hide or show them to the right visitor to increase user engagement anywhere on your page.