Why Thrive Suite Is The Best Solution For Building Online Courses On WordPress

Thrive Suite is the all-in-one solution for building online courses on WordPress. Build professional feeling courses with zero coding, create sales funnels to sell more and grow your email list. 

How Any Business Can Benefit From Building Online Courses

No matter what kind of business you’re building, you can benefit from creating online courses to educate your current customers and prospects and generate new streams of revenue.

And, since you’re on this page, it’s fair to assume you’ve already started thinking about what it takes to build your online course, and you’ve probably run into one -- or all -- of these red flags:

3rd party course building tools are expensive and give limited control over your pages and content

WordPress LMS’s (Learning Management Systems) are often too complicated, hard to learn, and feel outdated and clunky

Course marketplaces take away all your control over your content, take a cut of the sales, and have the freedom to discount or bundle your courses at any time

Free course building plugins don’t give enough control and leave you to glue together a ton of other tools to get your funnel working

Even if you do find a solution that works for you, it often doesn’t play nice with your landing page builder, checkout software, lead generation system, and any specific tools that you’re using to sell your courses online, resulting in hours of work or hiring a contractor to stitch it all together.

Enter Thrive Suite for Online Courses 

With Thrive Suite you have everything you need to create online courses and the marketing materials (such as landing pages, sales pages, blog posts,...) you'll need to sell those courses.

Coaches & Personal Brands

Want to create additional income streams and build more trust with your clients and prospects? Creating an online course is a great way to sell your expertise online and scale beyond 1-to-1 services. Online courses can help you funnel prospects from affordable courses into your high ticket coaching calls or services, educate and nurture your leads, and create more trust and authority in your brand.

E-Commerce Businesses

With digital courses you can build an additional revenue stream into your online store with infinite scale and zero inventory bottlenecks. No matter what you’re selling, you can educate and nurture your prospects with courses in order to increase store sales, add new revenue streams, and create a stickier relationship with your store fans. 

Digital Product Businesses

If you’re already in the business of selling digital products and courses, Thrive Suite has everything you need to create and manage a thriving info-product business. Sell more products with Thrive Architect landing pages, build your email list with Thrive Leads, and get ultimate design and creative control over your course areas with Thrive Apprentice. 

Local Businesses

Even local businesses can tap into the power of online courses, especially now as business shifts more and more online. If you’re a coffee shop, you can create an online course on how to brew the perfect Cup of Joe and grow your email list. Create fun and educational courses to draw in local customers, increase goodwill in your community, and ultimately sell more products and services. 

Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

For affiliates and bloggers, almost nothing beats the power of creating courses to generate new revenue streams and sell affiliate products. Create a course on how to setup a website and get more hosting sales, add new high ticket courses to diversify your income, and grow your list faster than ever before with free course lead magnets.

Agencies & Consultants

Agencies and Consultants can use the power of online courses to grow your email list, sell complimentary products, and educate your current customers and leads. Build an onboarding course to increase new customer satisfaction, build a free web optimization course, or anything you want to help you increase trust and confidence in your brand.

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Build Beautiful Online Courses On WordPress

Courses are an amazing way to grow your business, increase trust and influence with your audience and generate new revenue streams, but the traditional WordPress course-building marketplace has made course building a massive headache for most small businesses who don’t have deep pockets. 

Ditch Your Complicated LMS or 3rd Party Course Software & Create Pro Courses You Can Be Proud Of

With Thrive Suite, building professional feeling online courses is easy. You can ditch your complicated LMS or expensive 3rd party course building software. Thrive Suite + Thrive Apprentice gives you everything you need to build beautiful courses on WordPress with you in control of every detail.

Build Unlimited Courses & Any Kind of Course You Want

With Thrive Suite, there’s no limit to the amount of courses you can build on your website and you can build any kind of course you want. Create free courses as lead magnets to grow your list, paid courses to generate revenue, text courses, video courses, or any kind you want.

Grow Your List & Fill Your Sales Funnel

It doesn’t stop at designing professional looking courses. With Thrive Suite, you’ve got everything you need to build complete sales funnels to sell your online courses and digital products and build your email list. 

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What Makes Thrive Suite The Best Option for Courses?

Ultimate Design & Course Content Control

With Thrive Suite you get ultimate control over every aspect of your WordPress site and courses. Create modules, chapters, download assets, and visually customize everything on your lesson pages with drag-and-drop ease.

Create Complete Sales Funnels & Sell More Courses

With Thrive Suite, you can not only create your beautiful online course area, you can create entire sales funnels to guide your prospects to your sales pages and lead generation pages. Easily create video funnels, purchase funnels, lead magnet funnels, quiz funnels, and more… all with the tools that come included with Thrive Suite. 

Build Your Email List Faster Than Ever Before

Now more than ever building marketing assets that you own is key to growing a stable, long-term online business, and an email list is still the most important asset a business can own and nurture. One of the best ways to grow your list is by giving away free courses, and with Thrive Suite you can do exactly that.

Everything You Need To Build Your Course Business In One Place

Thrive Suite is so much more than an online course builder for WordPress. It’s an all-in-one solution for building conversion-focused sites on WordPress. Build landing pages, generate leads, create quizzes, and get ultimate control over your entire WordPress website and marketing needs.


The Thrive Apprentice solution is so great! I struggled with Lifter LMS for months (and it was super expensive), kept having to pay for more and more addons ... but now I have this! Thank you!

Need More Reasons Why Thrive Suite Is Best For Courses?

Professional Course Environment

With Thrive Suite and Thrive Apprentice you’ll be building beautiful, professional feeling courses without the high cost of hiring a designer or coder. 

Checkout Tools Integrations

Thrive Suite and Thrive Apprentice integrates with the best of the best checkout tools so you can easily sell your products and handle complexities of selling online courses on your website. 

Works With Any WordPress Theme

Whether you’re using Thrive Theme Builder (included with Thrive Suite), or building courses on your current WordPress theme, we’ve got you covered. Thrive Apprentice works with any WordPress theme.

Drag And Drop Control

Visually build every aspect of your online course with our drag-and-drop page editor, 100s of design elements and course elements, pre-designed page templates

Thrive Apprentice is VERY exciting for our business! Thanks Shane and the team. Can’t wait to get started.


I hate all the other clunky membership plugins, but I love Thrive Apprentice. Controlling levels of access, even adding in an affiliate option (by integrating with SendOwl) - affordably - is game changing!


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