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Whether you want to start building your website, implement a conversion focused design or increase your website's ranking, this hub is for you. 

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Just Getting Started Building your Website?

Anyone can build a website... just throw a few pages together and hope for the best. Right?

Well, only if you want it to fail before it's even started.

You know it takes much more to make a successful website and achieve your dream of running a profitable online business.

If you're just starting out, these articles are the perfect introduction to help you learn the skills you need to build a stunning and effective website.

Content marketing

Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

Right now, your audience are looking for valuable content to help solve their problems.

There's only one question: will they find it on your website – or on a competitor's?

It's time to step up your content marketing game to grow your visitors and conversions. In this section, you'll find our best articles and videos to help you plan, write and publish amazing content that connects with your audience.

Website Design

Design a Website that Converts

Effective web design is more than just creating a stunning website. It's also about guiding your visitors to take action.

Successful, profitable websites are focused on conversions.

Here at Thrive Themes, we're fanatical about conversions – whether opt-ins, leads or sales – and you'll find all our best advice shared below, to help you create a beautiful, high-converting website.

Search Engine Optimization

Reach More People in the Search Results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any successful marketing mix. It offers free, repeatable traffic from the search results.

With the right SEO tactics in place, you can grow your visitors, mailing list, sales and revenue, even while you sleep.

Want to know more? Check out our library of articles to help you improve your website SEO.

Website Reviews

Learn From Real Life Examples

When it comes to building a successful website, you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

There are plenty of great website examples to imitate – as well as common mistakes you can avoid!

Check out our website reviews, where we break down real websites and offer constructive feedback. Together, we'll learn what works and what doesn't.

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Build your website 

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How To Build a Website with Thrive Themes

Whether you're starting out with your online business, or launching your hundredth, you'll find tons of valuable advice on building a successful website.

These topics are perfect for anyone looking to build an online platform to engage with their audience. If you recognize yourself below, you're in the right place!

I have a solid business idea but no website.

I know my audience and product, and I'm ready to get started online with a website. How can I build it right the first time? What do I need to know and avoid?

I want my website to show in Google's search results.

My website is up and running, but it has the potential to help many more visitors. How can I encourage the search engines to show my website to more people?

I want to get the most value from my website content.

How can I get the most value from the time I invest into publishing new content? Am I using my blog content and videos in the most effective way?

I want to improve my website. Show me how!

I'm looking for ways to make my website more effective… more visitors, more leads, more sales. How can I prioritize my time and budget to improve my website?

What will you learn here?

This page brings together all our best articles and videos on how to build your website. It's packed full of tips, tricks, advice and guidance for your online businesses success.

Not sure where to jump in?

Read the summaries below to understand which topics will improve your website today.

Web Design

Create a stunning and effective website to grow your online business.

Web design isn't a single, neatly-defined skill. It's a collection of techniques that transform an idea into a beautiful, functioning website that connects visitors to what you offer.

An effective website is an essential tool for most modern businesses. It's what customers expect. 

Get it right and your business can reach thousands of new customers – but a badly-designed website can send customers to your competitors without you even realizing!

A well-designed website:

  • helps both customers and search engines to discover what you have to offer… whether you sell products, offer services, publish content or provide an online community.
  • helps visitors to understand their needs, and guides them to a solution.
  • increases leads and sales, and encourages repeat customers.
  • reduces your reliance on other platforms outside your control, such as YouTube and Facebook.

What will you learn?

In this topic, you'll learn the underlying principles of great web design, and how to apply them to everything you create. Together, we'll explore how to adopt a user-centric approach to design and how to avoid common mistakes.

You'll learn that effective web design is more than just throwing content, images and links onto a page. It starts with questions, goals, customer conversations, and mindmaps.

Once you're ready to start creating, you can read our blog posts (and watch videos!) about choosing the best colors, typography, layouts, navigation and more for your website.

We'll also share the design tools we use at Thrive Themes. Everything from WordPress plugins and image optimization, to video production and collecting product reviews.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Browse our library of actionable SEO advice to help visitors find your website and product.

SEO is a collection of principles and techniques designed to encourage search engines to find, read and reward web content with high positions in the search results.

Your audience uses search engines every day as their primary way of finding the content and services they need. Google is not just a company, it's now a verb meaning to find something online.

If you want people to discover what you have to offer, you need to optimize your website for search engines.

Effective SEO offers:

  • free, repeatable traffic.
  • highly relevant visitors searching for your target keywords.
  • reduced reliance on paid traffic sources like advertising.
  • more leads, sales and revenue.

What will you learn?

In this topic, we share everything we know about SEO so your website reaches more people online.

You'll learn how to weave SEO into everything you do online, from designing your site to planning and publishing content.

You'll discover how to boost traffic and conversions by choosing the best keywords, and how this shapes your website structure, content and social media strategy.

You'll learn the tools and plugins we use to super-charge SEO, including ways to speed up your website and test different post headlines.

SEO is a powerful, long-term investment that few get right… but you will!

Content Marketing

Create amazing content that connects with your audience, and keeps them coming back for more.

Like the name suggests, content marketing focuses on publishing powerful content that aligns with your audience's interests. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, quizzes… all content you can maximize to drive more visitors, sales and SEO benefits.

Content marketing is a critically important part of growing your website. It underpins every step of your marketing and sales funnel. Best of all, anyone can create amazing content!

Effective content marketing:

  • builds your website with valuable content that continues to attract new visitors.
  • positions your website as a go-to resource in your industry.
  • helps people find your website in the search engines and social media.
  • drives conversions such as leads and sales.

What will you learn?

In this topic, you'll learn why content is king regardless of what you're selling.

Consistently publishing quality content – articles, videos, podcasts etc. – is the key to growing your audience, leads and conversions.

We share our tips on how to build a consistent, repeatable process that boosts your SEO and social media visibility through powerful content marketing. 

You'll also discover content marketing tools to help grow your email list, customer leads, and conversions… even while you sleep. That's not hyperbole, your content should be working 24-7 to build your online success.

Website Reviews

Learn what works and what doesn't, as we break down real websites and offer constructive feedback.

When building your site, you're not alone.

Here at Thrive Themes, we love to share our knowledge and experience to benefit everyone.

One of our most popular series focuses on reviewing real websites to suggest constructive feedback.

Every website review is packed with advice that you can apply to your own business.

Layout, navigation, tone, messaging, design elements, typography — a long list of opportunities to improve performance. 

It's like a free, professional consultation with our conversion optimization experts!

What will you learn?

In this topic, we share reviews of real websites to explore what works – and what doesn't – when it comes to web design, usability and conversion optimization. 

You'll learn how each design element fits into the bigger picture of a conversion-focused web page. More than just suggestions on what to change, we explain the why too, so you can apply these tips yourself.

You'll learn how to choose the best design elements for each situation: buttons, tabs, opt-in forms, testimonials etc. Regardless of which tools you use, you're sure to pick up some valuable ideas.

Watching our website review videos is a great opportunity to take stock of your own design methods… maybe you'll discover some ideas you can implement today.

Rapid Implementation: Why Done is Better Than Perfect

One huge mistake is trying to build a perfect website, first time.

That just slows everything down and creates unnecessary stress. It also means you're working on assumptions rather than real world feedback.

Like many things, building your website is an iterative process.

  1. Build what you can
  2. Test the results
  3. Decide what works and what doesn't
  4. …and fold that learning back into the next round

Each iteration improves on the last. If something doesn't work, just roll back to what did!

This rapid implementation approach is fast too: it lets you test design ideas in a matter of days and weeks with data from real visitors.

At Thrive Themes, we're fanatical about building and growing online businesses.

We do it every day for both ourselves and our customers – not through massive, high-risk efforts, but through constant incremental gains.

You can too.

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