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Everything You Need To Build Your Business On WordPress

No matter what you’re building on WordPress, Thrive Themes has got you covered with the best all-in-one marketing suite for WordPress websites and marketers. 

Solutions For All Your Site Building Needs


Quizzes are one of the best ways to engage, segment, and convert site traffic into leads and repeat visitors.

With Thrive Quiz Builder you can build any kind of quiz you can imagine, from simple right/wrong answers, to full surveys, plus drive more traffic back to your site with social media sharing and viral mechanics built in. 

Content Creation

For bloggers, affiliate marketers, and WordPress content creators, Thrive Suite will be a real treat. Finally get rid of all your hacked-together WordPress plugins and get drag-and-drop control over every blog post, page, and element on your site.

Online Courses

For online course creators, Thrive Apprentice gives you everything you need to create and sell beautiful and engaging online courses. Create free or paid courses, add modules, chapters, video and other files, and customize everything using the Thrive visual editor.

Evergreen Campaigns

 Want to sell more products with less effort? Thrive Ultimatum is the ultimate all-in-one evergreen campaign and scarcity marketing tool for WordPress. Combine evergreen campaigns with urgency and countdown timers to get more sales and conversions. 

Landing Pages

Thrive Architect gives you everything you need to build conversion-focused landing pages for your WordPress site. With 290+ landing page templates to choose from, and complete visual editing control over every element, you’ll be able to kiss your expensive landing page builder goodbye.

Lead Generation

Convert site traffic into leads and grow your email list with Thrive Leads, the most advanced lead generation tool and opt-in form builder for WordPress.

With 100s of lead gen form templates, advanced targeting, A/B split testing, and every kind of placement option you can image, Thrive Leads is the only tool you need to grow your email list on WordPress.

Complete Websites

Want ultimate control over your entire WordPress site, theme, pages, sidebars, headers, and more? Thrive Theme Builder will set your WordPress site free from the traditional theme paradigm and give you ultimate visual design control over your entire WordPress site.

StaRt creating your online business on wordpress

No matter what you need to build on WordPress, Thrive Suite has you covered for every marketing, and site-building solution you can think of. 

With Thrive Suite you can:

Create and sell online courses with Thrive Apprentice

Engage and segment traffic with quizzes using Thrive Quiz Builder

Convert site traffic and build your email list using Thrive Leads

Sell your products and create unlimited landing pages with Thrive Architect

Create scarcity campaigns to sell more products using Thrive Ultimatum

Get ultimate design freedom over your entire WordPress site using Thrive Theme Builder

And so much more….

Thrive Suite is an all-in-one WordPress site-building and marketing command center for WordPress, putting you, the entrepreneur, fully in charge of your entire business using WordPress. 

With Thrive Suite you can finally get rid of: 

  • Your expensive course software or complicated LMS
  • Your landing page or funnel software
  • Your opt-in form plugin and list building software
  • Your expensive and rigid WordPress theme
  • Your eCommerce plugin
  • And - yes - so much more!

Thrive Themes was built by marketers with conversions in mind: every tool, every landing page, every element was built with customer-acquisition at the heart of the design process, so no matter what you choose to build, you’ll be able to convert visitors into customers with ease. 

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What’s Included With Thrive Suite?

Thrive Theme Builder

Build the WordPress website you've always dreamed of without needing a designer or developer using the most flexible WordPress Theme Builder on the market.

Thrive Architect

Create landing pages and funnels in a matter of minutes using one of the 300+ landing pages templates available in Thrive Architect and our Smart Landing Pages technology. 

Thrive Leads

Build an email list faster than ever before using Thrive Leads. You can add any opt-in form you'd like and design exactly what you want using our WYSIWYG editor.

Thrive Quiz Builder

You might have seen the rising popularity of quizzes to get leads, increase social shares and engagement. With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can build your very own lead generation quizzes! 

Thrive Apprentice

How about online courses? Would you like to sell your expertise online? Then Thrive Apprentice is what you need to create those courses on your own website to avoid using costly 3rd party platforms. 

Thrive Comments

Deploy Thrive Comments to increase visitor engagement by gamifying your comments section. Includes features such as awarding badges, upvoting & downvoting and more.

Thrive Ultimatum

Take advantage of the innate fear of missing out to boost your conversions. With Thrive Ultimatum, you can add evergreen or time specific countdown campaigns to your  WordPress site.  

Thrive Ovation

Use Thrive Ovation to collect and display conversion boosting testimonials on auto-pilot.

Thrive Optimize

Deploy conversion boosting landing page A/B tests FAST. The WordPress A/B testing add-on for Thrive Architect — made especially for non-techies.

Start creating your online business on wordpress

The absolute best ALL-IN-ONE solution for websites available anywhere

Thrive Themes plugins really are best in class in terms of regular updates, ease of use and just the overall functionality. But you should really just get Thrive Suite because otherwise, you'd be missing out on one of the absolute best all-in-one solutions for websites available anywhere.


Literally one of the most valuable Apps/ Services / Plugins that I use in my business

Thrive Themes is literally one of the most valuable apps/services/plugins that I use in my business. The amount of improvements that are regularly pushed through are insane. Thrive Themes has replaced about 5 other apps/services that I was using and has consolidated into one amazing solution that covers all of my needs.

dave c

How Sa El Uses Thrive Suite to Grow His Content Sites

With Thrive Theme Builder & Thrive Architect, I can build anything I can think of!

Meet SA EL

Relying on both Thrive Suite to build a powerful website and his relentless focus on creating great content, Sa El grew from 0 visitors per day in early 2017 to 25k visitors per month and $50k in monthly revenue by mid-2020!

  • About SA EL

  • How He Uses Thrive Suite

  • Results

About Sa El

Sa El got into the insurance industry 12 years ago after his grandmother passed away from ovarian cancer.He realized most people don't know much about insurance — especially when it comes to protecting their family's intergenerational assets.

Ultimately, Sa El wanted to help people get educated about insurance and buy it in a simple way.From that concept, was born, and it's grown ever since.

I’ve just purchased Thrive Suite, and I am so glad I did! You really deliver on your promise of speed, both in terms of UI, and the general snappiness :-). And the constant flow of new features is really exciting.

Marcin L

Just.....unbelievable. You guys are AMAZING. You have created a set of tools so that little guys like me can create a fully functioning online business, AND make it look good! I am so proud to be a Thrive member. Sending lots of gratitude your way.


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