Create Your WordPress Membership Site and Sell ALL of Your Content Fast

with Thrive Apprentice Products


Launch a membership site that lets you protect and sell ANY WordPress content, not just courses.

Thrive Apprentice Products lets you mix and match content to create as many value-packed options as you like. Combine and sell access to your course content, blog posts, pages, or anything else hosted on your website in minutes!

To Charge Premium Prices for Your Content…

Your Membership Site Needs to Look and Feel Premium

- And that’s not always easy -

Especially if you have to spend most of your time figuring out membership plugin settings – none of which help you create a user-friendly website or course experience. So, you spiral down the expensive WordPress add-on rabbit hole to patch together a solution… 

And the end result? You’re stuck with an ugly and broken website that ruins your credibility.

Many membership plugins look OK at first glance but feel janky or are too complex to work for your business.

Certain membership “solutions” severely restrict the ways in which you can sell your content.

You don’t get all the tools you need to create a course, let alone a full membership business.

Thankfully, there’s a much better solution!

Protect and Sell Access to ANY Digital Content with

Thrive Apprentice Products

Get the online membership and course plugin that lets you bundle, protect and sell all your digital content. This includes:

Your online courses, blog posts, pages, downloads, ultimate guides, worksheets, category archives, tagged content, printables, videos, ebook chapters, image galleries, recipes, and more.

Thrive Apprentice is available as part of Thrive Suite. This means it includes all the tools you’ll need to create a jaw-dropping membership site without coding.

Sell product combinations made from ANY content on your website

To get started just add your content to a Thrive Apprentice Product, set your access rules, and you’re done!

Products are completely flexible.

Sell a single course or bundle a few. Combine your best-sellers with blog posts, downloads, videos, downloads, ultimate guides, worksheets, and ANY content on your website. You don’t even have to include a course in a Product if you don’t want to!

Automatically protect new premium content you publish

Protect your most valued content with access restrictions based on WordPress taxonomies set at the Product level.

Now, every time you add a piece of content to a Product it will automatically inherit the access restrictions.

You can rest assured your most valuable content is always safeguarded without any technical fuss.

Thrive Apprentice handles all the tech, so you can focus on adding value to your members instead!

Increase sales with website experiences that convert

Take full control over what website visitors see with powerful Access Restriction Rules. Show user-friendly messages when someone tries to access your protected content.

Fully customize each message to create a friendly online conversation. Ditch that hostile stock message “ACCESS NOT ALLOWED”. Instead redirect a non-member to a benefits-filled sales page. Or, alternatively, send the existing member to a welcoming login page.

Increase your website conversions and member retention by showing visitors the right content at the right time!

Launch a Stunning Membership Site With Thrive Apprentice + Thrive Suite

Thrive Apprentice – part of Thrive Suite – includes an entire toolkit of fully integrated, conversion-focused WordPress plugins.

They’re built for novices and power users, so now anyone can create a beautiful website... and visually customize everything with our flexible front-end editor.

With countless templates and website elements to choose from, you can drag and drop your way to an online audience that adores your membership site!

Get Thrive Apprentice for the Lowest Price Possible

Launch Your World-Class Membership Site With Advanced Features That Are Easy to Use

Create a hybrid online business that doesn’t restrict you to only selling courses

Thrive Apprentice Products put you in the driving seat of your own online business by letting you combine different types of content and selling access to them. Stay agile and react to the needs of your audience by offering:

> Individual courses

> Bundled courses

> Courses and digital product combos

> Digital content only

Thrive Apprentice never dedicates what and how you sell on your website.

Update which premium content is included in a Product and publish changes instantly

Add and remove content or courses from existing Products in just a few clicks. Now you can rapidly create and sell unique variations to discover what drives conversions.

Want to surprise and delight a member with extra digital freebies by adding them to a course they’ve purchased? Sure thing. Need to update some course content that’s grown a little stale? No problem.

Make changes to your existing Thrive Apprentice Products without needlessly duplicating courses or inconveniencing your customers.

Dynamically change what content displays to members, non-members, and specific groups of users

With Thrive Apprentice’s Conditional Display you can create personalized website experiences by showing, hiding, or even changing elements on your membership site.

Safeguard your premium members-only content by making them visible to only paying customers. Set your preferred display conditions to fully control who sees what on your website.

Show content to members based on their course access or based on their WordPress user role or login status.

The best part is that you can do all of this on the same page! You no longer need to create dozens of pages to create the member experience you want.

Thrive Apprentice is a Complete Membership Site Solution

Membership + Course Plugin

Thrive Apprentice functions as a full membership and course plugin for WordPress. Restrict access to and create incredible courses.

Works with any theme

Keep building on the great work you’ve done. With Thrive Apprentice there’s no need to rebuild your site from scratch.

Custom login forms

Customize every aspect of your website and create compelling login forms for your members.

Easy member import

Import members using a custom dashboard rather than struggling with WordPress Users.

Create user profiles

Save time by allowing users to make updates to their own profiles and reset passwords.

Login and logout buttons

Easily add Login/Logout buttons to menus and create a membership site that looks professional.

Start your Membership Business with Powerful Integrations at No Extra Cost

One-click integration with your favorite email marketing service.

Integrates with WooCommerce so you can start selling content for free.

Tag students in your email list based on their progress or give access to a course via webhooks.

Sell Anything and Customize Everything With Thrive Apprentice 4.0

Thrive Apprentice Products is only one of three game-changing features we’ve recently launched.

With the latest 4.0 release, you’ll be able to:

Keep your audience engaged with ultra-flexible Drip schedules…


Take full control of what content your website shows to specific user groups with Conditional Display!

The most powerful Drip functionality ever developed

Keep your website’s audience engaged by giving them access to your content over time.

With the latest release of Thrive Apprentice, you can automate access to your online course lessons, modules, and supporting digital resources.

Preset templates allow you to create evergreen, repeating, and date-based schedules. If you prefer complete control you can also build your own drip campaign schedules from scratch. You can even trigger a drip schedule using Thrive Automator!

Exhausted spending hours duplicating and fixing course content? Need more flexibility to cater for group intakes and cohort learning?

Then Thrive Apprentice’s De-coupled Drip is what you’ve been waiting for!

Personalize your website content and increase sales with Conditional Display

You can now take granular control of what your website displays. Show the right content to the right person at the right time to increase your conversions and sales.

With a set of flexible rules, you can display or hide elements to different groups of visitors, students, members, and customers. Set them up in a few seconds!

Conditional Display means you can serve the same page, but only show the content that’s relevant to the current visitor.

Nudge users towards the outcomes your online business needs and create unforgettable online experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Thrive Apprentice to create only a membership site, without courses?

Products can contain courses, content, or both. It’s entirely up to you.
If you want to create a membership site without any courses, simply add your protected content to a Product, and restrict access.

Can I have multiple Products containing the same content or courses? If so, which Access Restriction Rules apply?

Yes, you can absolutely add the same content or courses to different Products, to create different bundles, tiers, and prices.
But let’s say you have 2 different Products, both containing and protecting the same page. How do you know which Access Restriction Rules should apply when someone tries to access this content?
It’s simple. Just drag and drop your Product in the list... whichever is at the top will take priority.

Can I protect the Course Overview page?

You sure can!

This was a very popular customer request that we’ve added to Thrive Apprentice 4.0. It’s as easy as switching a toggle.

Can I sell a bundle of courses together as one Product?

You can add as many courses into the same Product as you wish.
You can also sell hybrid products containing courses and other digital content.

All I want to do is sell a single course! Is that possible?

Thrive Apprentice 4.0 scales with your business, so if all you need is a single course, you’ll find everything you need.

Get Thrive Apprentice at the Lowest Price Possible