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Everything you need to build e-commerce sites that convert on WordPress.

One-Click WooCommerce™ Integration

Templates & Pages Designed For E-commerce Brands

All-In-One Marketing Suite For WordPress Stores

Let’s face it, building e-commerce websites on WordPress that convert is hard

Sure, there’s plenty of great plugins, themes, and store-building tools for WordPress out there that will help you build elegant product pages and online stores, but actually customizing those themes and tools can be a headache…

And while most of these solutions are designed to get sales on your product pages, that’s where it stops. 

What if there was a solution that helped you build beautiful, unique, WooCommerce stores that also helped you build an entire site that converts?

Enter Thrive Suite - with deep WooCommerce integration and access to 9 tools built by marketers to build conversion-focused websites, it’s never been easier to build your eCommerce empire on WordPress.

Don’t Just Build Stores, Build Conversion-focused Websites

WooCommerce™  is an amazingly powerful free tool to build e-commerce websites on WordPress, but if you also want to market your business you need more.

While getting your product pages and order forms to start generating sales should be your number one priority with your new e-commerce site, if that’s your only strategy, then you’re leaving money on the table. 

Your entire website should be built to convert visitors into leads and sales.

With Thrive Suite, we’ve built everything you need all in one place so you can turn your e-commerce site into a conversion-focused machine.

But it doesn’t stop there:  

Use Thrive Leads to offer a coupon via an exit intent pop-up to incentivize on-the-fence visitors

Build an email list with Thrive Leads and turn visitors into repeat buyers and customers

Create scarcity campaigns with Thrive Ultimatum to increase urgency on your most important promotions

Create promotion-specific landing pages (like holiday offers, Black Friday, or anything you can think of) with Thrive Architect and see conversions skyrocket

Native Integration With WooCommerce

Thrive Suite gives you the best starting point for creating unique, custom WooCommerce stores on WordPress.

With one-click WooCommerce integration and an easy-to-follow WooCommerce setup wizard, all you have to do is connect Thrive Theme Builder to WooCommerce and immediately start building and customizing your store.

There's no other solution on the market that gives you this much control over your WordPress eCommerce site. 

It’s easy to set up, and easy to start customizing the look and feel of your store, and using Thrive Theme Builder as your base of operations, you’ll be able to customize any aspect of your site.

Take payments directly from your WooCommerce store pages

Customize any aspect of your WooCommerce store, from sidebars to headers, product category pages and product sales pages

Professionally designed WooCommerce template gets your site off the ground fast

WooCommerce Setup Wizard walks you through setting up the core elements and pages of your WordPress store fast

Smart Site Features To Rapidly Build Your E-Commerce Pages

Thrive Theme Builder's WooCommerce templates have Smart Color Technology baked into every design.

That means the brand color you pick gets instantly paired with complimentary shades and tones (selected by our Smart Color Algorithm) and then automatically applied to your entire website — WooCommerce store pages included!

If you ever want to change your brand color, just make the change once in Thrive Theme Builder and our Smart Color Technology will take care of the updating colors everywhere else.

But that's not all

With Smart Site technology enabled you can: 

Manage and update critical business information (address, phone, social media links, etc.) from one dashboard with Smart Links - change it once, update it everywhere.

Automate customer testimonial acquisition with Thrive Ovation.

Create and manage global elements like headers and footers that can be saved, edited, and changed everywhere at once with Global Elements.

Manage and change your brand colors and fonts across your entire website with just a few clicks.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages For Your Promotions

It's a well-known fact in the marketing world that the best way to convert visitors into customers is by creating dedicated and relevant landing pages for your promotions.

Unfortunately, with most e-commerce site building solutions, you get the site and the theme template, but very little else.

You'll still need to pay out of pocket for a separate landing page tool if you want to create dedicated campaign's for your promotions and offers. 

With Thrive Suite you get access to Thrive Architect  and over 290 landing page templates that you can use to create your Black Friday offers, Cyber Monday offers, or any type of specific or unique offer you can think of.

Create dedicated sales pages for specific products and promotions

Create a webinar registration page and build an audience to start selling at scale

Create an opt-in page and grow your email list with targeted lead magnets and downloads

Create long-form sales pages to sell your more expensive products, courses, or high ticket offers

Templates, Content Blocks & Elements Built Specifically For E-Commerce Stores

Customizing each of your WooCommerce site and page templates is easy because you get so many pre-built section templates to swap between with the click of a button.

And, with the visual design capabilities of Thrive Suite, you’ll be able to make a store that looks just right for your brand, and not like all the generic eCommerce sites out there.

The section templates are broken down into 4 different areas:





Thrive Theme Builder's WooCommerce integration also gives you professionally designed templates for each of your default pages including Shop page templates and Product page templates.

  • Ecommerce specific shop page templates give you ultimate design freedom over your WooCommerce store

  • WooCommerce specific Thrive editor elements give you specific elements designed just for eCommerce stores

  • Visually customize everything with Thrive Architect and Thrive Theme Builder including Product Page descriptions, checkout pages, and anything on your site

  • Homepage designs built and optimized specifically for eCommerce sites

See How The Owner Of Transformed His Passions Into An Online Store & Business With Thrive Suite

Thrive Suite is an all-in-one business package!

Meet Colten

A self-taught Japanese language expert who transformed his own experience of learning Japanese, working for a Japanese company and living in Japan to build a successful e-Commerce & e-Learning business from the ground up.

Watch the video to see Matt interview Colten about how he grew to a 5-figure business selling a single study poster using all the tools available inside Thrive Suite!

Check out the RisuPress store here!

  • About Colten

  • Colten's Thrive Themes Experience

  • Results

About  Colten

When Colten got started studying Japanese in 2005, there weren't many good resources available online to guide him — especially when it came to learning the Japanese pictographic writing system known as Kanji (漢字).

After creating his own Kanji study posters, Colten realized how valuable they were and started selling them online as a physical product in 2014.

“All I did was put information together, package it nicely, build a website, and people bought it! Then I was getting money in my PayPal account… crazy!”

That's how was born.

But Colten never liked the look and feel of his first website...

... that's why he decided to get Thrive Suite in early 2019 to finally create the e-Commerce and e-Learning site he'd always wanted.

I’ve just purchased Thrive Suite, and I am so glad I did! You really deliver on your promise of speed, both in terms of UI, and the general snappiness :-). And the constant flow of new features is really exciting.

Marcin L

Kudos to you and your team Shane, you guys don't sit idle at all and are always coming up with great new features every day.

I am a fan and have already got 3 of my friends on board and they love Thrive Themes as much as I do!

Mohit T

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