Thrive Suite Empowers Business Intelligence With Online Quizzes & Surveys

Most website visitors land on your site, poke around for a minute, then disappear and are never heard from again. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to keep them engaged on your site long enough to convert them into a lead or true fan?

Enter Thrive Quiz Builder.

How Every Online Business Can Benefit From Quizzes & Surveys

Ever visited Buzzfeed and wonder why they’ve invested so heavily in quizzes and surveys?

 Simple, a quiz is a powerful tool to engage, segment, and nurture your leads - and has the power to hook your audience through gamification that your blog articles and videos can’t hope to match.

Create more interest in your products

You can qualify interest in your products by asking simple questions, direct your prospects to the solution to their problems, and nurture them with educational and engaging content.

More chances for leads & sales

The longer someone stays on your site, the more chances you have to turn them into a lead or sale, and with the power of quizzes, you have unparalleled control over how much information you collect on your prospects, giving you valuable insights into their buying behaviors.

So much more than just quizzes…

With Thrive Suite you’re getting an entire conversion-focused marketing suite for WordPress, giving you the ability to not only create fun and engaging quizzes, but also to convert them into sales and customers.

Whether you’re an online coach, course creator, or e-commerce business quizzes can help you engage your audience and gain real insight into their needs, wants, and frustrations.

Coaches & Personal Brands

How would you like to learn more about your audience before making an offer by segmenting visitors who would be perfect for your group coaching offers vs the 1-on-1 high ticket customers?

That's exactly what a quiz can do for you... with a couple of well thought out questions you can get to know your audience AND make the perfect offer which will help you to turn more visitors into clients.

E-Commerce Businesses

Quizzes are HUGE for e-commerce. By guiding your customers through a strategic flow of questions just like a sales rep, you can direct them to the perfect product for them, get to know their needs, and gain valuable insights into your site, offers, and inventory.

Online Course Creators

By understanding your audience better you can offer them the perfect course at the right time, quizzes are a fun way to get more information without your audience feels like being interrogated.

You can poll your audience for what kind of course they’d like from you next, learn why they didn’t buy your last launch, and get customer feedback to improve your offers, and grow your email list faster than ever before.

Local Businesses

As a local business getting to know your customers is key to beating the competition. Quizzes and surveys can help you get to know your customers better: what do they like and dislike on your menu? What do they think about your hours? What could you do better? After going through your survey or quiz, send them to a review page or discount page to collect a reward or give you a testimonial.

Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

What’s the best way to know what kind of products your visitors want? What products should you review? How can you offer them the right product at the right time? Quizzes to the rescue. Poll your blog audience, segment your visitors by needs and wants, and offer them your affiliate link to the perfect-fit products for their situation. Plus, with quizzes you can easily grow your email list and send highly engaged traffic into your own sales funnels.

Agencies & Consultants

Before offering your demo call or onboarding call, why not get to know your customers and leads better to qualify interest in your services and products? With quizzes and surveys you can segment your visitors into qualified leads and get to know them before ever getting on a sales call with them.

keep your audience engaged with quizzes & convert them into a lead or true fan!

Segment, Engage, & Nurture Your Leads With Quizzes

A quiz or survey is a fun way to engage your site visitors and an opportunity for you to segment them by interests, qualify them with specific questions, and convert them into a lead and sale - and, with Thrive Suite you get everything you need to build any kind of quiz you can imagine.

Build Complex Quizzes With Zero Coding

You can qualify interest in your products by asking simple questions, direct your prospects to the solution to their problems, and nurture them with educational and engaging content.

Build Your List

One of the most powerful aspects of using quizzes is how easy it makes it to build your email list. Let's say your audience loves to travel. You could create a quiz walking people through what they really know about Thailand, then at the end of the quiz offer them a Thailand travel preparation checklist in exchange for their email, et Voila! Now you've got a new highly engaged email lead that’s interested in travelling to Thailand.

Create Quiz Sales Funnels

It doesn’t stop at building your email list or engaging and growing your audience. With Thrive Suite, you’ve got everything you need to build complete sales funnels to sell your e-commerce products, digital products, and online courses.

keep your audience engaged with quizzes & convert them into a lead and true fan!

What Makes Thrive Suite The Best Option for Quizzes?

Build from scratch or start from a template

With Thrive Suite and Quiz Builder, you can build from scratch, or start with a template and customize to your heart’s content.

Grow your email list and engage your website visitors

Thrive Suite quizzes were built with lead generation in mind. Not just for fun, these quizzes are for prospecting, nurturing, and converting participants into leads.

Get more social shares and traffic

Not only are quizzes great for lead generation, they’re awesome for traffic generation, too! With built-in viral mechanics, your participants will have plenty of reasons to share their results.

Get valuable customer insights

Quizzes can help you get into the mind of your audience by understanding their interests and pain points.

What Kind Of Quizzes Can You Build?

  • Numeric Quizzes

  • Percentage Quizzes

  • Category Quizzes

  • Right/Wrong Quizzes

  • Survey Quizzes

Numeric Quizzes

With a number-style quiz, you can grade the participants performance and display the final result of the quiz as a number.

The visitor will be given a number score based on how they responded to the questions in the quiz. e.g. A “Where in the world is this?” Then you can assign a score to each of the possible answers. The quiz result would tell you "You got a score of 12.8!"

Thrive Quiz Builder has been a game changer. The ability to segment your subscribers & create the extended engagement has been fantastic.

I would definitely recommend Thrive Suite. It has made building my business website so easy & has saved me a ton of money!

Brad Legassick

Hi guys, I just wanted to say how awesome the quiz builder is. I added a one question quiz to my webinar sign up thank you page. I didn't think anyone would answer - I have had 90 registrations and 86 people answered the question. I now have a breakdown of exactly what step people are at and now can tailor the sales message on the webinar. So freaking exciting!

Melanie from theprofitlovers

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