Why Thrive Suite Is The Best Solution For Lead Generation On WordPress

Thrive Suite comes packed with lead generation features to turn your WordPress site into a conversion-focused, customer-getting machine.

Thrive Suite For Efficient Lead Generation

Anyone who says “email is dead” is not running an online business (or they’re leaving piles of $$ on the table). Creating an email list is still one of the most important and surefire ways to create a sustainable online business.

The good news is, Thrive Suite has got you covered! Lead generation is baked into every single one of our tools so that you can grow your email list fast.

Pick Any Type of Opt-in Form

Looking for a pop-up, ribbon, widget, slide-in, inline or any other type of opt-in form you can think of? Look no further, you can create it with Thrive Suite! Thrive Leads -- our lead generation plugin included in Thrive Suite -- allows you to create any off-page type of opt-in form and, thanks to the lead generation element available in the Thrive Editor, you can also add opt-in forms to any of your landing pages or WordPress theme templates.

Hundreds of Pre-designed Templates & Full Design Freedom

Both the lead generation element and Thrive Leads opt-in forms come with professionally pre-designed templates for you to pick from. And, thanks to the WYSIWYG Thrive Visual Editor, you’ll be able to build any opt-in form you can dream of and trigger it on any page on your site.

Advanced Features Baked Into Our Lead Generation Element to Help You Grow Your Online Business

A lot of tools offer you some kind of lead generation form for WordPress (even most email marketing solutions now offer some kind of embeddable opt-in form or even pop-up)... It’s only when you dig a little deeper that you realize the difference between a company like Thrive Themes that really understands what you need, vs a company that is clearly just trying to tick a box in their feature list.

Ready to grow your email list fast?

Take a Look At Our Advanced Lead Generation Features

20+ Native

API Connections

Thrive Suite integrates with all of your favorite marketing tools, and we constantly monitor demand for new integrations. This means that connecting your website to your email marketing provider is a piece of cake.

See All Integrations Here

Send Leads To

Multiple Services

Want to create a WordPress user account, add the user to your email autoresponder, and also create a Google docs spreadsheet through Zapier? No problem. With Thrive Suite you can connect several services to the same form so that your subscriber has to do the least amount of work possible.

Segment Your Leads

Being able to send relevant information to your subscribers is crucial. With Thrive Suite you can easily segment your leads with fully configurable opt-in forms. Quickly add radio buttons, dropdown menus and tags to your opt-in forms so to create targeted follow-up campaigns and autoresponder messages.

Hide Opt-in Forms

From Subscribers

If you’ve struggled with being “too aggressive” or turning off your loyal readers with opt-in forms, this feature is for you! Smartlinks lets you hide any Thrive Lead opt-in form for people who are already on your email list. This gives you the best of both worlds – an uninterrupted experience for subscribers and high opt-in rates for new visitors.

One Click Sign-up

Stop asking subscribers to subscribe again! Use the advanced features of Thrive Suite to hide opt-in forms, fill-out forms automatically or sign up subscribers to a new list or service with one-click... without them ever having to type in their information again.

Collect Any Data

You Need

Maybe your business requires you to ask for a phone number, a birthday or any other information you might need. No problem! Create a custom field and map it to your email service. We got you covered.

Headache Free

GDPR Compliance

We know you don’t want to spend time worrying about compliance issues. Don’t worry, we got you covered. With one click, add a checkbox and disclaimer that asks the user to accept your privacy policy before submission.

Choose What Happens

After Signup

After someone signs up, you can send them to a personalized landing page, log them into their WordPress account so that they can get access to the course you promised, or simply show a ‘thank you’ message. It’s really up to you to create the best possible experience and wow your subscribers.

A/B Test Your Opt-in Forms For 

Higher Conversions

How can you get more leads without increasing traffic to your site?

The answer is A/B testing!

It’s the secret sauce to building your email list faster than ever before. Most solopreneurs are not taking advantage of this because without Thrive Suite, A/B testing is complicated to set up! With Thrive Leads, you can test:


Will your form convert better when shown after 5 seconds or on page load? After 20% scrolling or halfway through the content?

You should test that!

Opt-in form designs

Will an image of the ebook convert better? Or a photo? The green design? Or the Yellow?

You should test that!

Opt-in form copy

Will you get more subscribers when using a benefit-driven headline? Or a curiosity-driven headline? With or without bullet points? With “submit” or “Join now” as a call to action button?

You should test that!

Opt-in Offers

Will an ebook convert better? Or a video course? A checklist? Or a free consultation call?

You should test that!

Opt-in form types

Are visitors overlooking the ribbon? Would a full screen lightbox perform better? How about a yes/no opt-in form? You should test that!

You can test all of that with just 2 clicks. No need to leave your WordPress dashboard. No need to add tracking code!

Thrive Leads takes care of all of that for you.

You can even choose the option to automatically pick the winner of the test so that you can set it up, and then forget about it knowing that when the results are statistically significant, Thrive Leads will automatically show the best converting form to all your visitors!

Ready to grow your email list fast?

Turn it Up a Notch With Quizzes

All of the above is already seriously impressive, but with Thrive Suite, you also get access to Thrive Quiz Builder, so you can take advantage of the lead generation power of quizzes. With quizzes, you can create highly-engaging lead generation forms that keep your visitors on your site longer, segment them by any criteria you want, and help you grow your email list. 

Grow Your List With Free Online Courses

A free online course (or a couple of lessons) is an excellent way to show your expertise and offer something valuable to your subscribers and to new potential leads.

This is super easy to do with Thrive Suite. Simply create your course using Thrive Apprentice, connect your opt-in form with your favorite email marketing provider and your WordPress account, and automatically give people access to the course upon signup. No hassle!

I love Thrive Leads, as it has helped me to obtain a large number of new subscribers to my blog and opt-ins. It's awesome!

Esmé Slabbert

Kudos to you and your team Shane, you guys don't sit idle at all and are always coming up with great new features every day.

I am a fan and have already got 3 of my friends on board and they love Thrive Themes as much as I do!

Mohit T

Build Your List Faster Than Ever Before With Thrive Suite.