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Especially the marketing solutions make Thrive Apprentice a real winner for me!

Wow! Just wow. I've been a Thrive user for a long time and I'm building (Almost finished) a course with Thrive Apprentice now.

Thrive Themes has always been the best on the web. Hands down. Adding Thrive Apprentice into the family, especially with all the marketing solutions is a real winner for me. Love all the excellent teaching material available as well.

Thanks for an absolutely excellent product.

David S.

Thrive Customer

I can ditch my membership software and better service my audience!

This is a game changer! Awesome functionality.

I can ditch my membership software and switch everything to Thrive Apprentice, and unleash its power on my website to better service my audience and improve the user experience.

Thank you Thrive!

Rob Dyer

Thrive Suite Customer

Finally Enjoy Building Online Courses

Other LMS solutions


Thrive Apprentice

Other LMS solutions


Thrive Apprentice

If you’ve tried any other LMS WordPress plugin, you know the experience of building your online course is far from enjoyable. You’re fighting with different screens to create lessons, courses, topics, modules...

Not in Thrive Apprentice! 

Thrive Apprentice makes course creation fun and easy.

Drag and Drop Course Builder

Drag and drop the lessons and modules to easily create the best learning path for your course.

Well Organized Courses

Create modules, chapters and lessons to keep your courses well organized and easy to go through for students.

Any Media Format

Easily create text lessons, video lessons or audio lessons. Or mix and match different content to your heart's desire.

Easily Add Resources

Add resources to your lessons in one click. This will automatically create a nicely designed Resource Area for students to enjoy. Add links, PDFs and more.

Partially Publish When Ready

Work on your course behind the scenes. It’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to publish. Publish any module with all the lessons or only some of the lessons. This allows you to start selling as soon as part of the course is ready.

Visual Editor to Build Your Lesson Content

Easily create text lessons, video lessons or audio lessons. Or mix and match different content to your heart's desire.

Great "plugin"! I put plugin in quotes... Thrive is way more than that!

WOW!!! I am blown away with Thrive Themes and the way you continually improve.

I have been a customer for several years and seen many of them, each better than before.

Hands-Down the best Theme-Content-Membership-whatever you need it has it – conversion and delivery suite for WordPress.

Great team, great support, great “plugin” (I put “plugin” in quotes, because Thrive Apprentice it is way more than that).

Christine Sauer

Thrive Suite Customer

Little guys like me can create a fully functioning online business AND make it look good!


You guys are AMAZING. You have created a set of tools so that little guys like me can create a fully functioning online business, AND make it look good! I am so proud to be a Thrive member. Sending lots of gratitude your way.


Thrive Suite Customer

Increase the Perceived Value of Your Course With Fully Customizable Design Templates

No matter how you cut it, your students will judge the quality of your course on what they see BEFORE even getting into the actual content of your course.

Thrive Apprentice is the only LMS plugin for WordPress that gives you total design freedom over EVERY aspect of your online course.

Course Overview Pages That Will Help You Sell MORE Courses

Your course overview page or school homepage is one of the first pages visitors will see. Whether you’re linking to this page to help sell it or give students a top level view of your course, it’s one of the most important pages in the student experience.

With Thrive Apprentice, this page is endlessly customizable with the Thrive Visual Editor.

Fully Customizable Course List Layout

Choose from a ton of different designs to list your course and customize every single detail. Grid view, Masonry or List view?

The sky's the limit!

Add Any Element to Your Course Overview

Because you have total design freedom over your school homepage, you can add ANY call to action here.

Filter and Add Multiple Course List Elements

The course list element has powerful filters that allow you to show or hide any of your courses. You can even have several course lists on one page to split your courses by difficulty, category and more.

Custom Header

Give your course a dedicated header to make an awesome user experience for your students.

Course Lesson and Modules Contain Exactly What You Want

Thrive Apprentice comes with tons of pre-designed templates for your lesson, course overview and module pages.

You can customize every detail to fit your needs. With or without a sidebar, collapsible sidebar of fixed sidebar, full screen video or split screen layout. If you can imagine it, you can create it.

Fully Customizable Sidebar

Hide or show, left or right, collapsible or not. Any sidebar configuration is possible within Thrive Apprentice

Any Content Layout

Your content is unique. So it deserves a unique layout to fit your needs. With featured image or without, full screen or smaller video, center aligned or not... Choose whatever you prefer.

100% Brand Color Ready

All the templates are fully color customizable to fit your brand!

Add and Delete Any Element

The templates come with elements such as the Author image and description, next and previous lesson buttons, etc.

You're always free to easily add or delete any of these elements.

Smart Colors for One-Click Color Customization

Thrive Apprentice templates use our proprietary smart color technology. This technology makes it one-click easy for you to pick your brand color and have an entire smart color palette applied to your online school designs.

An Easy Setup Wizard That Works With Any WordPress Theme

Setting up your course environment is super easy with Thrive Apprentice's School Setup Wizard. The wizard will guide you through picking your preferred base templates. This allows you to wireframe a beautiful online course school in mere minutes, compatible with ANY WordPress theme!

In just 1 day I created everything I needed to sell my courses!

Thank you very much. I've spun my wheels for months to understand how to do all of this.

In just 1 day I created everything I needed to sell my courses.


Thrive Suite Customer

Thrive always delivers top notch products!

I’m so looking forward to building my course and utilizing this system.

Thrive always delivers top notch products. Love this!

Jerry H.

Thrive THEMES Customer

Intelligent Marketing Features That Allow You to Sell MORE with Ease

Creating a course is a lot of work, but it’s only just the beginning…

Once you have your course filmed and your course environment up and running, you have to learn how to sell as many copies as possible…

No worries, Thrive Apprentice has got you covered!

The Most Flexible Drip Functionality Available for WordPress

Most plugins will promise you drip, but none are as flexible as Thrive Apprentice!

evergreen repeating

Unlock content at consistent intervals for each student. This is ideal for courses that are always open for purchase.

Eg. Unlock a new lesson every week on Monday when someone purchases a course.

scheduled repeating

Unlock content at consistent intervals for each student. This is ideal for courses that are always open for purchase.

Eg. Unlock a new lesson every week on Monday when someone purchases a course.

day of the week or month

Unlock content on a specific weekday or day of the month. Ideal for recurring memberships.

Eg. Unlock a new module every first Monday of the month.

Drip on Specific Dates

Unlock content on specific calendar dates that you can customize. Ideal for cohort learning courses with irregular schedules.

Eg. Unlock a new lesson on the 10th, 17th and 24th of July then skip 1 week for implementation then continue on the 7th of August.

Thrive Automator Unlock

Use custom event triggers and third party integrations to unlock content. Ideal for course creators who use a diverse stack of tools.

Eg. When a tag gets added and a webhook is received from an email marketing service, unlock a new lesson.

Thrive Quiz Builder Unlock

Unlock a lesson based on the results of a quiz in Thrive Quiz Builder. Ideal if you want to make sure students understand the content before continuing the course.

Eg. Only unlock the next module if your students get an 80% or higher on a quiz.

As you can see, the above options already allow for advanced drip schedules, but there's more...

You can mix and match these options.

For example, you can unlock the next module after 1 week, BUT ONLY IF the student had a specific result on your quiz. OR you can immediately unlock the next lesson when a custom event trigger comes in from Thrive Automator. OR you can unlock the next lesson on a given date or day of the week (Eg. the next Monday).

What’s unique to the Thrive Apprentice Drip feature is not just its flexibility, but the fact that you can create multiple drip schedules for the same content. This is what we call Decoupled Drip.

Other course plugins force you to duplicate your entire course if you want to sell it to a new cohort of students. Not Thrive Apprentice! 

With Decoupled Drip, you can market like a BIG BRAND without creating a frankenstein of duplicated courses, making it impossible to keep them all up to date.

I was expecting a well done drip function, but the idea to tie drip to a product is ingenious and unique!

Wooohoo! Congratulations, this takes Thrive Apprentice to a whole new level. I was expecting a well done drip function, but now you've come up with this mega package of features and I must admit the long wait was worth it in the end.

The idea to tie the drip to the product and not to the course is simply ingenious and unique.
And a special thank you for the possibility to protect other content with rules.

Please keep up the good work!


Thrive Suite Customer

Personalize Every Visitor’s Experience on Your Website With Conditional Display

It’s hard to summarize how powerful conditional display actually is in just a few sentences…

 ... but let's try anyway. Imagine you can show different content on the same page based on a visitor’s status as either a non-logged-in visitor, a logged-in subscriber or a paying customer.

This power opens the door for deploying business boosting strategies like:

Different course overview pages for Visitors and Students.

Create a course overview page with and without "Buy Now" call to action buttons.

Learn more about conditional display

A different pricing table for customers and

Visitors and leads would see the “buy now” button but paying students would get a distraction free experience.

A personalized account page showing the products someone has access to alongside special offers.

The people most likely to buy from you are your current customers!

Get More Sales With Dynamic Labels and Links

Imagine you have multiple courses available for visitors to buy. Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to show Dynamic Labels on each of those courses based on EACH visitor’s course status.

Already a customer? Let visitors know clicking will send them to their most recent lesson.

Not a customer? Dynamic Labels can show which courses visitors haven't purchased yet. And should non-customers try to open a premium course, you can send them to its sales page instead!

Beyond Online Courses…

Thrive Apprentice is A Full-Blown Membership Plugin

Thrive Apprentice makes it super easy to sell your online courses, but what about building a membership?

How about instead of getting access to just courses, customers get access to members-only blog posts and pages too? Can Thrive Apprentice do that?



Without having to invest in a separate membership plugin, Thrive Apprentice can protect posts and pages on your site.

Celebrate Your Students with a Course Completion Page

The perfect opportunity to congratulate your students, promote new courses, and collect testimonials

  • Thank Your Students In Style
    Impress your students with a personalized message thanking them for taking your course
  • Reinforce Learning and Inspire Growth
    Provide a quick summary of your course, then encourage students to take the next step – another course, perhaps?
  • Collect Feedback and Testimonials
    Embed a testimonial capture form and gather valuable feedback and testimonials to be used in future marketing campaigns 

Incentivize Students to Buy and Complete Courses with Gorgeous, Personalized Certificates

Instantly boost the value of your online courses and give your students a feeling of accomplishment by offering certificates upon course completion. Thrive Apprentice Certificates are easy to implement, verifiable, and 100% customizable.

Choose from a selection of beautiful pre-designed templates

Thrive Apprentice comes loaded with impressive, professionally designed and fully editable certificate templates.

Customize certificates using our handy drag-and-drop editor

In just a few easy clicks, tailor fonts, colors, and images to match your brand. Add content boxes, icons, and more.

Let dynamically generated data do the work

No need to manually add students’ names, dates, and course information – Thrive Apprentice does that for you!

Use certificate validation to verify authenticity

With the click of a button, add serial numbers and QR codes so your students can prove the validity of their certificates.

Give Your Customers the Best Possible User Experience

One of the biggest concerns for course creators selling on WordPress is that it can feel very clunky for the student.

 Login screens look ugly, students end up lost in the back-end of the WordPress dashboard and restricted content looks archaic when a student stumbles upon it without being logged-in.

Not when taking a course built with Thrive Apprentice! A lot of thought and effort went into making sure you can create the best possible user experience for your students.

Because HAPPY students = LESS support requests and MORE repeat sales.

Beautiful Login and Registration Flows

Say goodbye to those ugly Login & Registration pages the other WordPress LMS plugins force you to use...

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to completely customize the design of your student Login & Registration forms — as well as the pages they live on!

Translation Ready

Your lessons aren't in English? No problem.

Thrive Apprentice gives you the power to create courses in any language you require!

Custom Header Content

With Thrive Apprentice you can show and hide header menu items based on the login status of the student. 

This makes it easy to add a login link for non-logged in students, which changes into a logout link when students are logged in.

Progress Bar and Lesson Complete Indicators

To help students navigate your course, you can show progress bars that will dynamically update based on their course progress, as well as allow students to mark lessons as complete.

Quizzes to Improve Student Engagement Using Thrive Quiz Builder

Use the power of quizzes to engage your students. Block course progression based on quiz results, enforce quiz completion, ask multimedia questions and more...

Thrive Quiz Builder combined with Thrive Apprentice becomes the perfect solution to create an interactive student experience.

Take Full Control of Member Access with a Full-Featured Member Management Dashboard

Thrive Apprentice gives you unparalleled access to your members with all the tools you need to manage their membership


With the click of a button, swiftly grant or revoke access to courses or membership products for specific students.


Learn more about your members by viewing the activity and course progress per student.

Say goodbye to issuing refunds to people who falsely claim they never watched a single lesson!


Unlock dripped content, mark lessons complete, or reset a student’s progress without affecting cohorts or other students.

Discover Valuable Information About Your Students and Courses with Thrive Apprentice Reports

Thrive Apprentice Reports is the most advanced reporting engine for online course creators. 

With a just a few clicks, get answers to questions such as:


How many students are enrolled in my course?


Where are students dropping Off inside my course?


How many lessons did a particular student complete?

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Online Course with These Powerful Reports:

  • Course Enrollment Report
  • Course Completion Report
  • Lesson Completion Report
  • Progress and Dropoff Report
  • Engagement Report

Learn More About Your Students

Find out who your top students are and which lessons they have completed. Keep tabs on student engagement by viewing a handy activity feed.

*Thrive Apprentice Reports provides you with all the